Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Abbot Isomil, casting call for Aidan!

Yes, last Saturday we got a msg from Uncle Gary (Gary Star- Talents Casting Agency), and he woud love to have Aidan for Isomil casting session on Sunday.. He mentioned that the casting requested Aidan to do this facial expression.. Shocked! Huhuhu.. He asked us to teach him at home before the casting so that Aidan just got the idea of what to do infront of the camera.. Hehehe..

So, apa lagi.. That morning, everyone (daddy, mummy and Achik) was like teaching him to do that facial expressions, and this little fella just did his thing.. Some menjadi, ada yang kelakar tak hingat.. Hehehe.. So, off we went to Gary’s at 2! Aidan went on puzzled at first sebab nampak banyak camera (just like the 1st time, during his profile casting thingy) and after a while, baru ok sikit.. Hehehe..

I’m not so sure whether Gary would choose him or not, as my son is very2 skinny, and to represeant Isomil? Hehehe.. But it was a great experience for him, and later, we need to update his profile lagi since they only have his 2 years old, and adik’s 6 months old pictures.. Good experience,yes!

Daddy and adik, while waiting for Cik Dan.. :)

Just look at him.. :)) My BIG BOY now.. :)

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