Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Arranging the fruits during one of our activities that morning- This one on recognizing them! :)

A for ‘Apple’.. :)

‘Jual, jual.. Jual buah.. Saya jual buah!!’

Hehehe.. Some of our pics from our role play, and Saturday class.. :)

That morning, he surpised himself.. I was downstairs when I heard him calling out for me, and when I got into the room, he said “mummy, look! Wow!”.. hehehe.. Yes, he was referring to his Fruit Stall, and he loved it! :) Alhamdulillah..

We did some role play, beli buah from him, Aidan masukkan dalam penimbang and plastic bag, and got his ‘gold coins’.. Hehehe.. And the funny part was, he demanded for us to buy more fruits, as he would masukkan banyak buah ke dalam penimbang, and I was like ‘aaaaahhh, okay, mummy beli gak buah tuh.. ayoyoyo!’.. Adik too got to see the whole thing and she was everywhere.. kejap tgk buah, kejap jenguk tengok abang dalam crib.. hehehe.. Funny!

We had our tasting session of Sweet, Sour and Salty.. Mummy tak sampai hati bagi Aidan rasa Bitter.. Hehehe.. So, we only proceed with just 3! :P And did some worksheets that I have prepared myself for him, and some from Shichida (sensei prepared for us earlier, thank you!) :)

We did some ESP, linking memory, flashcards, and watch a lot of cartoons too! :P Blessed! :D

Before he opened up his stall.. :)) Hmm, good job, prepare dulu apa2 yang patut.. The activity here allowed him to be creative and used his logical thinking.. :)

Wait mummy.. wait.. (he was excited that he wanted to look at everything first before we started our role play) :)

Hello, saya nak beli buah nih.. :)

Boleh, boleh.. pilih2.. :P

Macam mana jual nih?? hehehe.. (sambil sibuk jer memilih) Can you spot adik's cute handbag?? :P

Tasting session with mummy and Achik!

Facial expressions on: Sweet! :)


Sour! -_-

Jual.. jual.. jual banana! :P Teringat Tokba! :) Tiap kali Aidan ke KJ, mesti Tokba tak lupa bagi Aidan makan banana.. :)

Now, adik dah pandai dah cracked us all up! Look at her! :D

Cute kan penimbang Cik Dan?? kekeke.. :P Opah's favorite!

Aidan acted as cashier too.. kekeke.. :P

What i bought from his stall.. Nyum2!!

Our activities on fruits!

Worksheets for 'A'

Seal the day with this.. :) Oooh, sour!

Aidan: Jual.. jual.. Saya jual buah! :P

Achik Ita recorded this.. Thanks Achik! Mmuuax! :)

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