Tuesday, April 10, 2012

B for ‘Beach’..

At first, I chose B for ‘ball’, so that Aidan could just take all his favorite balls out and play with us! He could also learn about body parts, as the activities involve a lot of body movements.. BUT.. we chose BEACH, instead! :P

Well, Achik Ita came to the house.. Yeepee! Yes, we just love having her at home.. :) And that night, as we were chit chatting and all, we got to learn that all 3 of us, missed the beach.. Okay lah, maybe just the 2 of us.. Hehehe.. So, that Saturday, we went to Sepang, and got to enjoy the beach.. Yes, close to Sepang Goldcoast, and it was such a beautiful place.. :) Yes, I got to admit that I prefer PD beach, but Sepang would be enough for now.. :P

Aidan got to play in the water with daddy, and we just enjoyed the whole view.. Yes, actually both Achik and I, dah pun plan to get into the water, BUT, for some reasons we just had to pass.. huhuhu.. :P Next, PD okay, achik?? :)

Okay, back to B.. Last night, we did go through the dots for B, and did some revision on picture dictionary (for BEACH), and I showed him some of the pictures that we snapped earlier.. Just to refresh his memory, and he smiled while looking at them.. Alhamdulillah.. :) We compared our pics and those in his picture dictionary, and we saw sands, trees, and few other things.. And he said ‘Beach!’.. Yes, B for Beach! And we just LOVE it! :)

Activities for B is actually simple, as we did not go through any sensorial activities, flash cards etc, but got the chance to do his ESP, linking memory, and story telling activities.. :) And we bid our Sunday goodbye with our own Sunday Song! Goodbye Sunday! :D

B for Beach!

He laughed at my drawing.. Kekeke.. :P Nevermind, as long as you got it.. hehehe.. :P

Revision on A! A for Apple.. :)

Some of our pics at the Beach!

Hmmmm.. memang tak sempat nak salin baju, terus jer lari main air.. Bawa baju satu kete.. kekeke.. :P

Some of adik's pics can't be uploaded here for some valid reasons.. hehehe.. :P But mummy simpan for adik.. :)

Yeah!!! We just LOVE Beach!!

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