Tuesday, April 10, 2012

7 days in a week! Sunday Song, from Aidan!

Dear my Khalif, this is a video of you, singing ‘Sunday’, one of your favorite song that mummy created for u.. Hahaha.. And we sang this song everyday on our way back to Cahaya from Opah’s.. Sometimes you sing to it until you feel sleepy.. Hahaha..

Yes, I made up the song for him.. The funny thing is that it came to me, out of nowhere… I was chit chatting with him on our way balik rumah, and we had nothing else to do.. And I went on singing this song, and suddenly he followed, and at first, the rhythm kejap2 lari, but finally, we agreed on this rhythm and lyrics.. Kekekeke.. :P We named it ‘Sunday’ as a hint that this lyrics should start with Sunday.. Wakakaka.. :P

Yes, kids learn faster to some of the medium they have passions about.. Aidan loves music, song, dance and jumping around.. So, I just make use of what he loves, and inject some information that may benefit him.. At least he’s learning something from that jumping thingy and what not.. :) And through this song, he may learn about ‘7 days in a week’ and thanks to lagu ‘Aku’ hahaha.. Actually it’s a song from this Rafael guy ( if I’m not mistaken, Awie Rafael, or, whatever..), Pulanglah.. And the chorus did mention Monday, Tuesday (but tak habis), and yes, it helped.. kekeke.. :P

Oooh, one of my dear reader asked me about Shichida and yes, Aidan went to Shichida for a term.. And currently, we stopped for a while, as I told hubby that I wanted to try to apply what ‘I’ have learned from the classes at home.. Basically, Shichida IS NOT A KINDY! They wont be learning any ABCs song, 123’s and what not.. It is a class to stimulate their right brain to do wonders.. And I got to realize that the classes helped him a lot to learn things faster, and to remember some of the things that I thought him at home.. :) So, it makes my work become simpler and easier.. Still, I need to always communicate with the sensei, to know whether I am doing the right thing at home, and if they have new program for the kids that may benefit him, we might consider it.. We’ll see.. This is why I love Shichida, as they really encourage parents to learn together, and apply them at home.. Parents’ participation is so crucial, and I just love to be part of this process!

No pressure on the kids! Yes, we had soooooo much fun at home, learning, and to be frank I am so overwhelmed that my son insisted to do his homework and very much in love with his picture dictionary.. :) Yes, just look at our learning activities.. We have a lot to do together, and we just can’t wait for our next class.. :)

My objective is to encourage him to learn new things and still, it’s up to him to accept the things that I do for him, and act accordingly.. I am here just to introduce and encourage, and IT DOESN’T GUARANTEE ANYTHING!.. At Shichida, we have learned that the program may not only help the kids to learn faster, but the focus is actually to create a happy child.. :) InsyaAllah..

Mummy : How many days do we have in a week??

Aidan : 7!!

Love you Aidan, good job! :)

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