Sunday, April 15, 2012

'E' for Envelope and 'F' for Farm!

A Farm house for the kids!! :D + Happy Birthday Tokba!

Yes, how funny it was yesterday.. I started off the class, introducing E and F, and went ‘E’ for Envelope (as I wanted to make his learning activity as fun as possible, and that we got to make a visit to the post office!) and F for Farm! (and showed him his barnyard or farm house that I made earlier specially for him and adik), and he quickly said ‘no mummy.. bukan.. bukan.. ‘E’ Elipen (elephant!).. Hehehe.. Yes, E for Elephant, but E also is for Envelope, and we shall sent your masterpieces that you made earlier to Tokba, Tokma and Opah.. Aidan nak pegi Post Office tak?? He shouted, Yes! So, E for the week was Envelope! Cool!

It was Tokba’s birthday on Saturday, and how perfect was that? I got my kids to make few arts for Tokba, Tokma and Opah.. So, a ‘cake’ for Tokba would be it! I drew a cake for him to paint, and adik also got herself involved in one of their masterpieces, and she looked curious the whole time.. Hehehe.. How cute! I remember Aidan’s first art on ‘handprints’ and decided to proceed with the same thing for adik.. Loving it!

So, during my class with him, I asked him to put his drawings in the Envelope and seal it with a kiss! :) So, cute.. He even sang a birthday song for Tokba, while doing it! “Aidan bila di rumah, nak jer nyanyi2 untuk Tokba, bila depan Tokba, diam jer.. why?”.. He looked at me, and smile.. :P We got our drawings ready, so that later we could bring them to the post office.. Aidan would love this! (would he?? Hehehe.. nevermind, it’s a fun way to learn right? Do something different.. ;))

As for ‘F’, Aidan was so excited that he quickly grabbed one of the horses that mummy saja2 tak attached to the base, as I know, my son would enjoy hands- on activities rather than dapat tengok jer.. BUT few others memang mummy attached terus ke base, well, this is gonna be a permanent base for their farm house, as later, adik too can learn from it.. “It’s not a toy, okay Cik Dan??” :)

We got to go through few farm animals (mummy and baby animals), and why should I stress only on the animals when I can introduce something else to him?.. Yes, we went for what we could find in the farm as well.. :) I used few of his flash cards on ‘Nature’ and started to label the barnyard.. Great, that he could learn new simple things like grass, trees, sky, water, and few others.. :) Alhamdulillah.. :)

We did some worksheets, ESP, flash memory, sing song (Old MacDonald, BINGO, Ba Ba Black Sheep-just to make the class much more fun and exciting ---- yes, at this point, adik dah siap ketuk2 pintu nak masuk bilik sebab she too wanted to join us, kesian adik..), and few hands-on activities that includes, matching colors! :) Since my class is simple, and that I DIY or make use of what I already have at home, I took all his toys out (that complements our weekly theme) to be part of our learning materials.. For colors, I used his beach toys (to freshen up his ‘B’ for Beach, ) his angry birds soft toys (as you can find birds in his farm) and few others.. Loving it, when I saw him playing alone with the beach toys (castle shaped toy), as he pretended to scoop sand from the floor and made him a beautiful sand castle! There you go, C for Castle!- last week’s class) Interesting indeed! :) A lot of ways to refresh his memory of what we have gone through before.. Love love!

Later, daddy decided to go to Tokba’s and yes, we decided to send the drawings by hand.. After all, it’s Tokba’s presents from the kids, and it would be awesome if Tokba could have it on his birthday itself.. :) Well, I guess a visit to the post office would be in the next class later on.. :) InsyaAllah..

So, off we went to celebrate Tokba.. Tokba looked so happy yesterday.. To Tokba,we hope that Tokba loves the gifts as much as we do.. Happy Birthday again, and we love you!! :)

A cake for Tokba! :)

I miss my art time with him.. Love Saturday! :)

Adik joined us during handprints art.. :))

Tadaaaaa.. yes, jenuh nak kena control Aidan not to paint outside the border line.. Yes dear, let it dry first.. :)

Done! :)) Yeah!!

My teaching materials.. :))

Aidan was singing a birthday song to Tokba sambil masukkan his drawings ke dalam envelope.. :) Yes, it tested his motor skill as well.. :)

Farm house time! :) I used his flash cards and started labelling them.. :)

Matching colours activity.. :)


Matching alphabets.. :)

To Opah and Tokba, with LOVE! :)

Look at Aidan's eyes! He just love birthday cakes.. hehehe.. :P

Happy Birthday Tokba! Tokba with his gifts from Achik Ita.. :))

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