Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our farm house/ animal.. :)

My DIY Farm House/ Barnyard! :)

Thanks Banawi Studio, my nephew IB!! Hahaha.. I used their t shirt box to makemyself a farm house! :)

Hehehe.. Last weekend we went to Toys'r'Us and i came across a barnyard toy.. Ohmy, it cost like hundreds! So, i decided to come up with my own farm house..Tadaaaa, it cost me only RM12!! Hehehe.. Syiiiookk!! :D

Cut cut cut time!! *yawn! :P

Done! :)

Yes, i used styrofoam and pasted the animal pictures (both sides) to make them look more lively.. :P

Look at the bird on the roof.. LOVE! :)

T-shirt box is now a farm house.. :) Thought of nak put some hay or straw in it, but i would love to create a clean farm house (tak sesuai during teachings) so that it won't distract my boy.. :)

A horse for him to play with.. (role play only nyeh3)

Brown paper, acted as ground.. :) and just plain paper for the fence.. :)

Green felt, acted as grass, for the goat to eat.. :))

Sponge acted as lake, for the ducklings! :))

Our so called tree was actually our Pish's tree (fish bowl decor).. :)

He woke up late at night and saw me with his farm house.. He ended up, sleeping at 4.. kekeke.. yes, 4 in the morning.. :P Nasib baik Friday.. hehehe.. :P

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