Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Zara!! :)

C is for 'Crown'! and D is for 'Dragon'! and Happy Birthday Zara!

Hey all.. How was you holiday yesterday?? :)) As for us, we had soooooooo... much fun, at home, at Tokba's, at Aunty Evie's, and at Opah's.. :)) Fuuhhhhh! What a day.. :)) Best2.. :))

Yes, yesterday, we went to Aunty Evie's for Zara's 3rd birthday party, and mummy grabbed the chance to teach me something that very morning.. Since Zara's birthday theme was 'Princess' and that every girl should dressed like one, mummy decided to proceed with a class that morning, on 'C' and 'D'.. C for CROWN/ tiaras, and D for DRAGON! Yes, mummy said, "Today is gonna be a day for my prince and my princess! We gonna have a lot of fun at your own castle!" and yes, we did! We had our own castle with our names on it.. Super! :P

Mummy slept quite late that Tuesday's night, as she wanted to build us a castle.. tihihih.. Yes, she used our castle pool as her inspiration.. kekeke.. And yes, i saw 2 towers of our pool toy attached to adik's crib.. Oh yes, castle for us, indeed! :)) Yes! :D

That morning, we got the chance to do some art, role play, revision on fruits (as mummy put some of the fruits on the table during our role play, yes, she had her breakfast in my castle.. kekeke), some dots tracing, pictionary time, some hands-on activities, and a lot of cartoons too.. :) We had some much fun! Adik joined me during art time only, as later, she spent her time with daddy, watching tv and all.. :)

We went to visit Tokba, Tokma, Achik Ita and Asu, and mummy said Tokma's crab curry was just awesome.. Mummy also complaint about my eating habit, and i just couldn't help it.. Huhuhu.. I slept infront of the tv at Tokma's, when mummy woke me up, and brought me to Aunty Evie's.. Oh my.. It was a Princess Party indeed.. :)) Now i know why mummy chose C for CROWN, as yes, i got to see everyone with their tiaras and Aunty Evie's inflattable bouncer was also a castle! How sweet! So, yesterday, it was all about tiaras, crowns and castle, and we just love it!! :))

Later, we went back to Opah's and saw everyone there.. Anjang Zahrah and kids were there too.. :)) I got to play with my cousins, and got to manja2 with Atyn.. Super cool! :P kekeke.. I just love my holiday yesterday, with mummy, daddy, adik and all our loved ones.. Blessed! :))

Happy Birthday again, dear Zara! We love you, and we just love your dress! We had so much fun at your party!! Thanks for having us!! See ya! :))

p/s: D is for Dragon, as there's no fairytale if there's no dragon and a castle.. hahaha.. But Aidan did not proceed with his worksheets on D.. We just missed KJ family too much, that mummy said, worksheets later, it's 'Tokma's time!' Jom! :)) Hehehe..

Some of our pics! Enjoy! :)

Hello.. i was so excited yesterday that i couldn't seat still.. Huh! Blurry pic! :P

Mummy made me a prince.. Charming one, she said.. :)

Again.. Charming one, she said! Hahahaha.. But turned out to be Funny one! :P

Pretended to sleep, as i said "mummy is still sleepy (sebab malam tuh tido lewat, prepare the castle)" and Aidan pun kata nak sleep! Hehehe..

Loving his crown! :))

Princess was a little upset when Aidan took the chair from her, kesian princess mummy.. :)

What we had for breakfast.. Breads and fruits.. :) Style! :P

Express yourself, honey! Art time!

Prince's ride.. Hehehe. You expect a horse, huh?? kekeke.. :P

Art time.. At 7 plus in the morning.. Yes, when he feels like learning and do some activities, at anytime at all, layan jer.. huhuhu.. :P

What is so funny, my prince?? :)

Comparing masterpiece ker, princess?? :))

Make- up time.. :)) Wahhhh! :)

My Princess Hessa.. Can you spot her name on the wall? S patah sebab Cik Dan patahkan last time.. I kept it and lupa nak paste balik.. hehehe.. :P

My bz bee princess.. :)

Final look, this one is Aidan's.. :)) Aidan loves ABSTRACTS.. hehehe.. alasan! :P

Adik's.. :)) With love.. :)

D for Dragon! :)

See this prince, he is a warrior, guys!! :P

Such a naughty dragon!! You wanna blow my castle away?? :P I'm gonna fight for it!! Nahhhhh! Dushhhh2!!

Wooo.. wooo.. it's gonna fall, mummy! Yes! He shouted.. "menang!!".. kekeke.. Yo lah. yo lah.. :P

During role play.. :) Mummy said that he was a prince and a great warrior.. That he has his own ride.. :)) We practised eating ethics.. :))

Worksheet.. Mummy prepared these for him.. LOL at my crown, oh no! :P

Pictionary time! :))

Wanna hear us, singin this?? He loves it.. He went 'Namakemono!!!!' kuat sangat2.. tihihi.. :P

Solving Maze, his favorite, as he would ask for my help.. "pegi mana, mummy? pegi mana??" hehe.. :P

Tricky part, when to match the pictures to their own group.. Like rabbit and cow for animal.. Aidan said 'no, bukan.. bukan..'.. He was referring to arnab should match with arnab.. Huhuhu.. That one different exercise la, Aidan.. Terus mummy promised not to proceed with this exercise sampai he is ready.. Huhuhu.. :P See, along the way we will learn what to do and not to do.. Great! :)

Some hands- on activities.. :) Yes, we use timer now.. Huhuhu.. :P

At Aunty Evie's.. :)

Princess Hessa in pink.. :)

A+ for decor, beb! :))

A castle!! :)) Yeahhhh! A revision for him.. Just to freshen up what we have taught him earlier.. :)

Fun time!! :)

Showing off her shoe.. Anjang came to Opah's house, and saw my princess dah berjalan.. And she was so excited that she brought our kicik for her first shopping trip to a shoe shop.. She picked this one! Nice! :) Thanks Anjang!!

I love my shoes! :))

Mummy with Aunty Evie, and Aunty Fina.. :)

So nice!! :)

Juju and Jaja.. Lovely!! :)

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