Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Most Ardently, can’t wait!

The Wedding Fairies’s first ever event, Most Ardently.. :)

Evie is my dear friend, and the owner of TWF.. I bet most of my readers did come across TWF a lot in my blog! They are just awesome! Please visit their website if you want to know more of what TWF has got to offer, to make your event (name it) a special one.. www.theweddingfairies.blogspot.com

So, TWF is gonna come up with their own first event this June.. Most Ardently, just perfect, Evie!! And everyone is invited to join.. I can say it, and I say it now with proud, that it’s gonna be a blast one.. Come and join us @ Most Ardently, and you will be amazed!!

I just can't wait!! :))

For more info, please read this!! :))

Most Ardently by TWF


Primary Objectives:

The primary objective of Most Ardently is to raise fund for charity homes (National Autistic Society of Malaysia (NASOM), Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and Rumah Jagaan dan Rawatan Orang Tua Al-Ikhlas, Puchong, Selangor) while showcasing designers’ collection.
Most Ardently aims at enhancing the selected charity homes occupants’ quality of life and assisting them in contributing productively to the society.

Other Objectives:
1) To introduce The Wedding Fairies and its sub businesses – The Baking Fairies, The Caterers and Lola Parties
2) To commemorate The Wedding Fairies Fifth Anniversary
3) To introduce wedding and fashion related-businesses to further assist The Wedding Fairies in the creation of a more effective business linkage
4) To showcase budding talented Malaysian fashion designers, accessories producers and entrepreneurs in wedding and fashion industry
5) To inspire young people to believe and have faith in their creativity and passion and from the result of that passion and creativity, to contribute back to the society

The Wedding Fairies (TWF) and The Insiders (TI) are collaborating in organizing a fashion gala event (7pm-11pm ) and bazaar (10am-5pm) “Most Ardently” on the 24th of June 2012 (Sunday) at Black Box, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur in conjunction of TWF’s 5th Anniversary where our local fashion designers and entrepreneurs will unite at this major event.

This event will showcase some of our talented local fashion designers on the runway and simultaneously, a bazaar will be set up which will be participated by local entrepreneurs. This event is aspired to be the hub where ideas and thoughts meet in order to build great rapport among designers, entrepreneurs and clients.

In addition, the event will serve as an effective platform for networking among wedding and fashion industry professionals including educators, retail buyers, fashion journalists, trendsetters, tastemakers and consumers.

Sounds interesting right ?

Special Guests of Honor : Dato' Mohd Jai Suboh ( Velosi (M) Sdn Bhd ) & Ms Vivy Yusof
( Fashion Valet )

Our Celebrity Guests : The Fabulous Cats, Ms Sasha Saidin, Ms Tania Zara

Our Guest Designer : COSRY
Fashion Designers : Nurita Harith, Mimpi Kita, Yasalma, Molleque, Peppermint Ave

Our Emcees for the Nite : Mr Najmie Dato' Noordin & Ms Maria Elena

Performance by The Fabulous Cats and many more !

* Admission : RM 100 per ticket ( Fashion Show Night ) - To book your ticket, please reach us at theinsiders83@gmail.com and the.weddingfairies@yahoo.com

Please visit Most Ardently Bazaar at 10am to 5pm by our great entrepreneurs ( Free Admission ):

CreativeLiteBox Photography & Videography, Radiusite, Imageenasee Photography, Echenta Maquillage ( Make up Artist ), Green Apple Photography, Red Sugar Dot, The Caterers, Ami Schaheera, Smashing Scarves, Molleque Boutique, House of Allure and many more.

This event will be covered by 1MalaysiaTV, Songket Affairs, Berita Harian, Perempuan

THANK YOU and hope all of you could be part of this event :)

XO Most Ardently by TWF 2012

See you there!! :))

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