Monday, April 30, 2012

Last minute preparation.. i made their mini Sports Planet that very morning.. Hehehe.. Using Aidan's castle pool.. Hehehe.. 

Tadaaaaaa! And the net is actually the one we used during Aidan's Spongebob Birthday.. Can you see the net?? By the way, that's tiang gol Cik Dan.. hehehe.. :)

Adik cheer for abang, and then he wanted to try lak.. Hehehe.. Can use 'tali rapia' to make a pair of pom pom.. :))

 Lalalalalala.. :))

 Handsome Syahmi.. He was the Prince in 'Princess and Frog' Story Telling performance.. :))

Love! Good job Kak Sham! :))

G for 'Goal'! and Happy Birthday Syahmi! :)) 

Hi all.. Last Friday, i surprised (well, the fact that they saw the whole pasting process, should i call it one?? :P) the kids with one of my bedroom wall, where i put up few Glow In The Dark Stars, Moon and Sun! Yes, ceritanya, it has become a habit for Aidan to look outside the car every night on our way back to Cahaya, and he would ask me "mummy, mana moon? (or stars)?" and on Friday, i told him that i would surprised him with moon, stars and sun at home, and he was like.. "aper? ooooooo..k!".. hehehe.. So, yes, Friday was all about stars, moon and sun! :) 

On Saturday morning class, i thought of asking my boy to play outside the house, but due to some reasons, we just had to proceed with our class inside.. I chose G for 'Goal' as the class was all about sports, and yes, i announced Sports Day for the kids, and Aidan and Hessa (adik joined later) could play with some of the sports toys that we already have at home.. From bowling, badminton, basketball and etc2, Aidan was all excited.. Hessa was a little bit curious, but she looked so cute with her yellow pompom (can DIY using 'tali rapia' kekekeke).. The reason being for me to choose this theme is because of our dear Tokma's children encyclopedia on Sports and Human Body, so that i could proceed with few types of Sports (that involve ball as Aidan just love ball) and also human body/ parts for him to learn and recognize.. :) So, yes, G for Goal! 

Later that evening we went to Kak Sham's house (our dear neighbour) as it was his handsome boy, Syahmi's birthday.. I just love the whole theme.. Yes, it is actually my dream to have some sort of performance by Aidan and Hessa on their birthday, and i guess Syahmi's age is much more appropriate to have those kind of activity, as they understood enough and able to listen to instructions even more.. So yes, during his birthday, Syahmi and few of her friends (neighbour's kids) came up with a short story telling, fashion and shuffling performances! It was the best birthday party by far!! Loving it that most of my neighbours were sporting enough to support the whole event.. :) Alhamdulillah.. :)) 

Enough now.. Let the pictures speak for themselves, ya.. Ooooh, i forgot to delete most of our videos of the kids, ended up tak banyak space for the story telling performance.. Still, i got to record like 2-3 minutes jer.. hehehe.. Takper lah yer.. :)) Kak Sham, thank you for having us, and you did a fantastic job on Syahmi's birthday.. He looked so happy.. Love you, Kak Sham! :)) Yes, sometimes, Kak Sham would poke me on fb, and asked me to come lepak at her beautiful garden, where we would just eat, chill and crack each other up.. hehehe.. :))

 That morning before class.. :)) Play time..

Admiring his present from one of her aunties.. Thank you for the 'auuuussss' (house) bak kata Cik Dan! kekeke.. :P

 Yes, she was combing her hair.. :)) All serious.. "This is tough, guys!" :P

 And went for a short shopping.. hehehe.. :P

Some activities on recognizing numbers, colors and shapes.. Aidan able to recognize Circle, Triangle and Square.. But bila tanya, "What shape is this? (SQUARE)" Aidan sometimes would just say "Triangle" without looking at it.. Mestilah salah kan.. And when tanya lagi he would say "Ohhhh, nooooooo!" sambil tepuk dahi.. Hehehe.. Yes, sometimes sarcastic la this little boy.. :P

 Our cheerleader.. We just LOVE her!! :)

 Basketball.. :))




 Rugby (using rugby ball Atyn got for him in Dubai) thank you Atyn!



 Worksheets on H for 'House'

 Worksheets on G for 'Goal'

 Some revisions on previous classes.. :)

 Loving all these.. Thank you Tokma.. :)

 Our model for 'Recognizing Human Parts'.. 

 Ok tak, last minute keje..?? Hehehe.. Simple but FUN!


Happy Birthday Syahmi! 

Aidan just love par-tayyyy!! :))

Kak Sham just know how to win the kids heart. I love her so much!! :))

Aidan jarang jumpa the neighbours that side, but he sure able to blend well.. Walaupun banyak buat hal
sendiri.. hehehe.. :P

 Aidan wanted to try out, but he was so shy, he came and whispered "mummy, mummy dulu" hehehe.. :P

 He got few candies from the 'monster' that crashed the party.. hehehe.. :P

Can you see the 'monster'?? Hehehe.. I asked daddy.. "Where's Aidan?" and daddy said "Carik yellow balloon, that's him" hehehe.. Ofcoz daddy lepak dekat gate dengan Uncle Rahman, just in case my boy ran off.. Kekeke.. :P

 Fashion performances.. :))

Adik!!! :))

 Layan angin sepoi2 bahasa.. hehehe.. :P

OMG, the new blog version kasik my pics keluar tak ikut sequence.. hehehe.. This is how the story ended.. Ayoyoyo.. Hehehe.. :P See more pics kat bawah.. :)

 He got himself the best seat on that day.. hehehe.. :P

 Cake cutting.. Aidan dah panggil mummy dah time nih, sebab nak nyanyi "Happy Birthday Syahmi!' :)

 One of the girls that perform that day.. How sweet is she?? :))

 All happy.. Happy Birthday Syahmi!! :)

Princess and Frog :)

Aidan during his Saturday class :)

Best best best!!!! We love Birthdays!! :)
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