Monday, April 30, 2012

 Wai Wai's Park.. :)

 Guess what?? That's Aidan.. Hahaha.. :P

 My handsome biker.. :))

 Sweet- weet Hessa!! :))

 Hessa with her handprints, and Aidan with his :)) H and K forever.. :))

H for 'House'.. :)

H for 'House' and Sunday, a FUN day! :)

Oh yes, Sunday was their FUN day! Daddy decided to visit Tokma.. So, we brought the kids to Wai Wai Park first.. Wai Wai Park is a cheap indoor playland for kids.. Hehehe.. Cheap indeed as we stayed for more than 1 hour, and it cost us only RM5.. Yes, parents can join together.. :)) Super!! 

Unfortunately, Tokma and Tokba went to Klang, and we stayed in KJ for half an hour, and went back home.. Balik, mummy plak start rasa pening, sakit tekak, and what not.. Yes, i ended up demam.. Huhuhuhu.. Hopefully tak berjangkit to my dear kids.. Bila anak2 demam, mummy tak keruan, but my kids just love to be around me, or on top of me.. Yes, we love gaban2.. Hahaha.. Pantang nampak mummy baring, both nak gaban2.. Ayoyoyo.. :))

And later, we did H for 'House'.. Yes, as mummy thought of something that can be used to represent H and adik's house came to mind.. hehehe.. And as i wasn't feeling good enough, Aidan just proceed with his worksheets on 'H', did some reading, pictionaries on what we can find at home, puzzles, and simply play with adik's house toy, ofcoz with adik there.. :)) No ESP, linking memory and what not.. Sorry darling.. :(

 Yes! Gotta meet Tokma today.. :)) (thought Tokma ader.. :))

 Jom adik, jom! 

 At Wai Wai's Park.. :))


 Love Love!!

 Aidan found this 'thing' funny.. :))

 His masterpiece.. :)) Terbaek!! :)

 Cik adik manis bz di dapur.. :)

 Decided to make me a cup of coffee.. :)) Aaaah, blessed! :P

 We ate together.. I ate a lot!! Kekeke.. :P

 With daddy.. :)

 Adik loved the car, BUT..

 the bike looked SUPER exciting.. kekeke.. :P

 Mummy's and Dan Dan's.. :))

Later that night.. 

 H for House! :) 

 Books on Sports, and Body Parts.. :)

 Playtime.. :) Mummy dah ready to sleep.. *Aahhh.. ahhhh.. ahhhhh chooooooo!! :P

Funny Dan Dan : As i was bz-ing with my lipstick and what not.. Aidan went "mmmm, cantik!" (ofcoz i dah gelak tak ingat dengar anak tuh puji mummy yang sememangnyer dah jarang keluar ber- make up) and he continued "dah.. dah.. dah mummy, cukup, cukup.." hahaha.. Yes, he said that! LOL!!

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