Friday, April 6, 2012

More than 10 steps now, but still a little shaky.. At your own pace, sweetheart! :)

Good job darling Hessa.. Mummy is sooooo proud of you! You are my precious, and my everything.. Take your time pretty baby, as it is definitely the sweetest process ever! :)) I can wait for it to happen as i know that anytime now you would just stand on your feet, and.. run?! :P kekeke.. and i don't mind carrying you around at all (hehehe, yes, daddy take turns with me too, as you know Aidan during outings! :P)

I love to watch you sleep right beside me, and i just melt when you roll here and there, finding the right spot, and settle in my arms where you feel comfortable and safe.. :) You woke up only once now and usually it's either at 5 in the morning, or simply at 7 and we would spent our morning, cuddling infront of the television.. :)) You just love Dora, and we would sing together to the theme song.. Every morning, when i was busying myself ironing tudung for that day, you would be busy too, unfold your clothes and all! Hehehehe.. Nak tegur, but i chose to watch what you were trying to do first.. "Ohhh, she unfold it, and try to fold it back.. and now, she wanted to put it inside her drawer (ofcoz tak ber-fold pun!)" Okay, terus tak jadi tegur.. Maksud kata, Hessa is very observant! Tiru mummy.. Bila besar, baru kena tegur, now i need to bear with them.. Huh!

I got to realize that sometimes, parents (me too) selalu nak marah2kan anak2 before knowing exactly what the kid wanted to do at the first place.. Okay, walaupun sometimes benda yang the kids buat tuh may cause messiness and stuff, but if you think and look closely, you might be surprised.. Example, Aidan pernah minum ribena yang i buat dalam cup, and since i selalu bancuh banyak2 dalam bottle, terus simpan dalam fridge, he tried to put back yang tak habis tuh ke dalam bottle in the fridge.. Memang tumpah sana sini.. At first, i was like "Aidan!", but diam sekejap when he replied, "tak abis, simpan!".. I smiled and yes, i just let him be.. Hehehe.. Amazing how their mind works! and ofcoz after that, i made my way to the kitchen and grabbed kain to clean up the mess! But to think about it, i need only 5 minutes to clean up the place, but for me to be mad at him, and ruined the way his mind is actually working, and that NO to this and NO to that that may not benefit him at all, is useless.. BUT.. BUT, if he chose to jump on Opah's and Tokba's couch or sofa, i definitely gonna be MAD!! Super MAD that Aidan definitely gonna have his Time Out! Huhuhu..

See, mummy dah merepek jauh.. Hehehe..

Anytime now baby Hessa.. Taktih.. Taktih.. :))

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