Thursday, April 5, 2012

The stall is ready.. surprise, surprise kids!!

Surprise kids!! Yup, last night I slept late and got to focus on the kids’ first fruit stall, for their weekend class with me.. I just love to make their learning process as fun as possible.. And since I used what we have at home, I came across few challenges while preparing it.. Yes, the fabric for the small canopy tak cukup, ended up I dapat cover the front part only, and mounting boards pun sikit, ended up with the theme board jer.. But, it’s okay.. I just love it!!

Aidan was sleeping next to me when i was busying myself with their mini stall, and tiba2 he woke up, looked at his stall, angkat tangan and went back to sleep.. (Okay, Cik Dan rupanya ‘mamai’ sebab 5 minutes after that, he laughed in his sleep.. Mummy terus meremang) kekeke.. Funny, and bila dah siap, harus for me to place it somewhere yang Aidan takkan jumpa, sebab I would love to surprise him and adik, this Saturday.. :) They would love it! I can tell..!

So, this week, we will be focusing on the letter A, and A is for Apple.. I got to stress on the group as well.. Fruits! I choose to teach him on Sweet, Sour, Salty, and Bitter (and I already got the idea how to teach him on this) you might come across few facial expressions from him.. It’s gonna be funny.. :) Few songs on fruits that would encourage both my kiddos to dance along, clapping hands and all, and many others!!

Ohhhh, I am sooooo excited! Wait for the entry!! Yeahhhhh!

p/s: The funny part was, I thought of using kayu jer (yang lebih2 di Banawi Studio as my nephew pun suka bertukang/DIY), but ended up tak jadi sebab I would like the place to be safe for my kids.. Tak nak lah kalau diorang terpegang kayu tuh and kena selumbar and what not.. My kids pun kulit sensitive, so, I went to…. Kekeke.. Jakel, and got myself 6 batang tulang kain yang diorang dah nak buang for free.. hehehe.. Hubby laughed at me, as I made my way to the car with 6 tulang kain (is that what they call it, nevermind! :P ) Teruja jer dad! Kekekeke.. :P

Ohhh, thank you Opah for the flashcards on Fruits.. Opah bought Aidan's flashcards on fruits di Speed Mart last week, and cost her only RM3.90.. Bila balik, I was so amazed sebab I just love the flashcards.. Very helpful indeed.. And price wise, oh so nice!!! Thanks Opah! Mmmuuaxxx!

What i used: adik's crib, mounting boards, batang kain, extra kain at home, plastic fruits.. :)

... and turned all these into..









Tadaaaaaaaa!!! I just love it!! Yup, nothing fancy, but it will inject some fun for the kids morning class with me!! :))

Loving the hanging banana.. Just to create the right feeling for a fruit stall.. :)

Names of the fruits.. Part of what we gonna stress in his class.. :)

Yes, please call us!! hehehe.. I use chocolate as RM k'ching! :)

We can get to know more about taste buds too.. :)


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