Monday, April 2, 2012

My DIY drinking bottle labels for her party! I love DIY, imperfect is just perfect when you do it with LOVE! :)

Hello Kitty! by Banawi Studio!

Promoting Banawi Studio (Bemz), my nephews on their home/studio-based business.. :) Personalized t's!! :)

Alhamdulillah, i am so impressed with their business, as currently the demand for personalized t's sangatlah awesome!! :)) Thanks to all yang tak putus2 support this business, and repeat customers yang tak jemu2 call me up to order birthday t's and all.. Some sampai tak nak tengok design pun, as they gave 100% trust to Banawi Studio to come up with something brilliant for them.. Thank you!

And for this year, Hessa's birthday theme t's is none other than Hello Kitty! :)) 4 personalized t's for daddy, mummy, Aidan and Hessa (the birthday girl) :)).. We just love them all.. So simple yet so sweet! Yes, we will be having Hessa's birthday at Opah's this year..

I even asked them to come up with one personalized t's for little Fadya (Kak Fair's princess).. The sweetest Fadya! :)) Love them!! :))

So, for those who love to order some personalized t's for birthdays, outings, events, and what not (at reasonable cost), please add Banawi Studio @ facebook, or leave me an email at We will get back to you ASAP! :)) Thanks!!

p/s: Banawi Studio will also be sponsoring personalized t's for Most Ardently TWF's crew, The Wedding Fairies latest event this coming June! :)) Go go go Aunty Evie! :)) We just can't wait! :)



Funny mamat.. I just have to upload this pic.. He tried so hard for me to capture his pic too.. kekeke.. :P


Hessa's, the birthday girl.. :)

And for the sweetest Fadya.. :))

Say YES to Banawi Studio.. *tiba2.. kekeke.. :P

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