Monday, April 2, 2012

Upin, Ipin and Aidan!

Nothing much, just some of the pictures we snapped yesterday for him.. That morning, we went for breakfast at Seksyen 13, near Les Copaque's office/studio.. Yes, Uncle Shafiq aka Jarjit works there.. :P Aidan was so excited to see the colorful mural of Upin and Ipin.. And since i was already late to go to Opah's for my final touch up on my 'hantaran', i promised to bring him there that evening..

So after we came back from Opah's, we made our way there, and it was just perfect as the weather was just kind to us, tak panas sangat and tak hujan untuk sesi bergambar di situ.. kekeke.. :P So, here are some of the pictures from yesterday's photoshoot session with mummy.. :P After i snapped his pic, he would run to me to approve the pics.. kekeke.. :P

Thinking of how to solve the case.. :P

Kak Fair said this pic looks real.. I love this pic too, akak.. :))

Upin and Ipin : Haaaaa, ini kisah kami berdua!

Aidan : Eh, taklah.. Ini kisah kami semua!! :P

Kekekeke.. Teringin to be part of them ler tuh.. :P

Les Copaque Studio.. Wait, can you spot adik?? :)

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