Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What we were planning together last night.. :))

My trick when i feel really really really.. tired plus stress after a long day out, and that Aidan decided to sleep late at 10, is to chit chatting and ask him what he wants to do on weekends.. What he thinks about this stuff and that, should we try this new thing i came across the internet or not, and sometimes melayan anak yang selalu demand for his 'pictionary' (picture dictionary).. Yes, my attempt to distract his from jumping around (yes, we got it, you are not sleepy! :P), asking to play downstairs, and bla bla bla.. Sometimes chit chatting does wonders sebab my boy tiba2 jadi calm, and the best part is when i asked him about what he did at Opah's.. Sometimes, he answered me well.. E.g:

Mummy: Did you enjoy your ice cram today?
Aidan: Ice cream!
Mummy: Aidan makan ice cream tak?
Aidan: Yer..
Mummy: Saper belikan?
Aidan: Nyah (Makngah)
Mummy: Ohhh, sedap tak?
Aidan: Sedap
Mummy: Beli di mana?
Aidan: Beli mana.. (okay, Aidan tak sure lagi how to answer this.. kekeke)
Mummy: Beli di kedai ker?
Aidan: Kedai..
Mummy: Kedai.. yerrrr??
Aidan: Yerrrrr..
Mummy: Iiii...yyyerrrr??
Aidan: Iiii...yyyerrrr!! :P Sometimes Iii..yerrrr Aidan lagi panjang dari mummy.. kiki.. :P

So, ceritanya, last night, as i was melayan anak sorang tuh, and tiba2 he asked me to get adik's toy, out from adik's crib.. And i got this amazing idea on how i want to create his fun time in my morning class every weekend.. Yup, those that involves hands-on only.. :))

Well, i decided to make use of adik's crib and turn it into his food stall/ playhouse or puppets theatre/ restaurant and few amazing thing that we are going to proceed every week.. And each week with it's own alphabetical theme.. Yes!! Yes, the idea of one alphabet a week is something that i came across the internet, and we shall do it in our own sweet way! :)) Loving the idea of having this stall/ restaurant/ theatre/ ticket counter and bla bla bla for him.. Yes, i can turn the crib according to our weekly theme! Amazing! Every week, i just need to change the theme name board and perhaps the decorations only.. :))

I just LOVE DIY, and this is ME.. I love doing all these.. :)) I just use whatever we have at home.. No 'k-ching!' involves, but very much exciting for him and Hessa.. Yes, Hessa would love it too, but bila adik besar, lagi best.. :)) No no no.. I am not gonna ruin adik's crib.. The thing that i wanted to do is pretty much not gonna damage adik's crib.. 'Easy to put in and put out' thingy.. Later i will snap a pic, hopefully malam nih siap.. huhuhu..

We can do a lot of activities with adik there too.. Mummy and Aidan just can't wait.. I can't wait to surprise them, like REALLY!!!! :))

Mode: Excited as malam nih tido lambat to do something for the kids.. They would love it! :)) Hopefully siap before Saturday.. :P

p/s: Can't wait for our 'S' theme.. As i chose S for Sushi.. Aidan shall invite you to his first sushi restaurant.. The Sushi Prince! :P kekeke..

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