Monday, May 28, 2012

 My brother, Malik and his wife, Suhaila.. :)

 My hantaran project.. Red and grey.. :) All DIY, so don't expect anything extravaganza.. :P Sentimental value will do.. :) Something for my brother..

 Aidan and cousins.. :))

 LOVELY couple.. I LOVE her wedding dress.. :))

Chakkk! Adik!!

Congrats Paksu Malik! :))

Hi all! Missing my blog like so so so.. much! Hehehe.. I have a lot to update, pending entries and all.. :) And yes, today i CHOOSE to update on our lovely weekend, where we had 2 events (family events), Paksu Malik's wedding (solemnization and reception on Friday), and my nephew's (Ibrahim from Banawi Studio) engagement! :)) Oooh, my sis Sha and her kids, Yaya and Zach are here!!! Yeahhhhh!!

For other pending entries, i shall find time to update them.. One bz bee going bzzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzz!!! :)

 I was bz-ing with the hantaran, and adik was playing with her cousin after a long nap.. :)

 Zach and Amjad! :))

 It took me forever to finish up the sireh junjung.. I had no idea what to do, actually.. Huh!

 The BIG day! :) At Masjid Negeri, Shah Alam..

 Their first experience attending solemnization in the mosque.. :))


 Just a simple one.. :)

 Our macho photographers.. Ibrahim and Muhammad.. :P

 Nervous?? Oh NO! Sekali lafaz.. Alhamdulillah.. :)

 Officially yours.. :)

 Adik tried out Aidan's 'ketayap' hehehe.. :P

 Mummy and little man.. :)


 At the reception @ The Club, Kota Damansara.. :)

 Nephews went all out?? Hehehe.. :P

 My family.. We got 7 tables just for us.. hehehe.. :P That's my mom! Hello mak!!

 Hessa, Hannah, and Adriana! :)

 Bila Opah kasi chocolate..

 Hessa SUKA!! :P

 Our adik with Hj. Mamat! kekeke.. :P

 Aidan with Anjang.. Amaze with the performance by the bagpipe band..

 Bagpipe band to lead the bride and groom to their table.. :)

 Alang, Atyn and Wawa! :)

 Ateh and Hessa.. :))

 My lovely nieces and nephews.. Oh, HEART them so much! :)

 The slide show.. Look at the bride on her pre- wed party!! Missing mine! :))

 My nephew, Hafiz, performed that night.. Best!!

Lovely setting right.. :)) Less is more! :)

Congrats again to the couple.. To Suhaila, welcome to the family dear.. We love having you in the family, and guess what, we got the same title.. 'Maksu!' :P hehehe.. :)

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