Monday, May 28, 2012

Glowing Aja.. :) She looked so happy.. She called me 'Achu'.. hehehe.. :P

Jom jom jom!! :D

Congrats Abang Bahim!

Yes, this nephew of mine, is known as Abang Bahim among his cousins.. :) 

So our Abang Bahim is officially engaged to his long time soul mate, Siti Hajar or better known as Aja.. :) The event went smoothly, just a little hiccup a day before as my sisters and i, we had only a day to come up with the hantaran.. So, we settled for few baskets.. :)

I giggled after reading the comment on his fb, whereby Aja wrote there 'Hi my fiance! Gosh, that sounds so amazing!'- Yeah, yeah, LOVE is in the air!! :)) We got it, you 2!! kekeke.. :P

Congrats again Ibrahim and Aja.. :))

 Simple ones.. The front basket was for the ring.. My mak kept it first.. :)

My Abang delivered the family's intention in a very creative way.. We just love the way he played with the words.. I was like, 'is that my brother??' :P kekeke..

 Hehehehe.. So cute! :)

 Dah besar dah anak sedara ku ini.. How time flies! :)

 Congrats u 2!!

@ The Paradigm Kelana Jaya.. Yes, very very close to my In -laws house.. For me, it is just, ok! Yes, they have few stores that i might be visiting later, but OK lah.. :)) OHHH, except for this store, LOVING IT!!

 They have a drop off session for the kids.. Awesome!! Jom try Cik Dan!! Jom!!

 Best nyer!!

 Cuteness!! :))

She is growing up so fast.. Pagi nih adik bangun tido, i was like, "oh my, my baby is a big girl now!" and she walked towards me, and senyum2.. Yes, she is! :)

Sorry for the quality of the pic.. Aidan built another house (mansion kot :P) last night masa semua dah ready nak tido, and he asked me to snap the pic.. he became too excited, and terlanggar the house, and yes, it collapsed.. We laughed, and i still snapped one for him.. LOVE!

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