Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Qaid!

Yes, Qaid is 4! How time flies!! Oh my, they (the kids) are growing up so fast.. :)) So, we went to Klang to celebrate his birthday, and the kids were all excited for him, or should i say the cake?? hehehe.. yes, the cake was so cute! Good job Mummy Zura!! :) I guess she ordered this from Zita, the same person that made Hessa's Rainbow cake for her Akikah.. :)) Thank you for the cake Zura!! :))

Aidan loves Birthdays and i just knew that he was all about singing a birthday song, and blowing off the candles, and when he was too excited, he either be the loudest one to sing or become the silent one of all (sebab terlalu teruja- hahaha).. But, the kids had fun for sure.. Plus, the cake was yummy too.. :))

So, Happy Birthday again Qaid! May you have the best in your life!! :))

p/s: Still remember Zura told me a story about Qaid and his 'Convertible Car'! Funny.. Yes, aunty doakan Qaid yang terbaek!! :)) Amin..

Cerita Aidan:

Aidan: Mummy, nak sikit..

Mummy: Nah, ambil elok2.. (and hand him this one kerepek that looks like peanuts)

Aidan: Hmmm, sedap.. Mummy, nak 'tatang' lagi..

Mummy: Kacang la Aidan (although i know, kerepek is not kacang, but to correct his pronunciation- i know i am still wrong about calling it kacang, ooooh, whatever! :P) hahaha..

Aidan: Ohhh, tatang!

Mummy : No, kacang!

Aidan: Tatang!

Mummy: Ka..

Aidan: Ka..

Mummy: Cang..

Aidan : Cang..

Mummy: Kacang!

Aidan: Kacang!

Mummy: Good job! Aidan, what's this again??

Aidan: Hmmm (with confidence) TA..TANG!! :P

Mummy: LOL!! Ayoyoyo (and focus on driving) :P

 Cute cake! :)

 Singing Happy Birthday to Qaid.. Happy Birthday Qaid!

 He loves cake.. Makan tak banyak, but he finds it very interesting! :)

 Alalalala.. Nana, dah besar dah.. :)

Hessa! :)) Ya Allah, muka sebijik mummy.. I found my pic yang lagi sejibik adik.. kekeke.. :)
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