Tuesday, May 29, 2012

 Hi! Welcome to Amanville! :)

 Loving the rules! :)

 No biting! This is so cute! :)


Amanville Space U8 with the kids! :D 

"It's where you want to be!"

On Saturday, (last 2 weeks) we brought the kids for breakfast and went to Space U8, Bukit Jelutong, and they were having Kuntum- Dutch Lady Coloring Contest.. Oh yes! I got to admit that it took me back to primary school days where i participated in the same event organized by Kuntum.. :) Okay, i didn't win the contest, BUT i did great in its Lucky Draw.. Hahaha.. Yes, i got 'Kuntum's' t's.. :)) Oh, i miss those days!!! FUN TIME with my fellow friends..

Then, we brought the kids to Amanville, an indoor play park, that reminded hubby and i so much of BSC Jungle Gym.. The layout is more or less the same except for this one, they have an area for kids, Hessa'a age.. No 'panjat2' one.. Hehehe.. :) I got to stay with adik, and then Aidan, but i guess Aidan found daddy to be much more exciting as daddy brought him up the gym, and they played this shooting game with some of the kids there.. Awesome! :) 

For parents, and Hessa's age- FREE! hehehe.. :)) Double exciting!! hehehe..For those who live close to BJ, Shah Alam, Puncak Perdana, etc2, you might find this place interesting enough for the kids.. So, check out what Amanville has got to offer the kids, here! :) http://www.amanville.com/ Enjoy the pics, guys! :))

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