Monday, May 28, 2012

 Hessa: Mummy, look at Aidan.. Guess what?

Aidan: What?? :P

Mummy: Yes, i know.. Abang tengah dok carik peanuts jer kan??

Hessa: Yes he is!

Yes, Aidan memang suka peanuts.. :) Teringat Tokma! :) Conversation rekaan mummy.. kekeke.. But memang Aidan dok pilih peanuts jer tuh.. Huh! :P

Pending entries!

- Abbott Isomil Second Casting Call for Aidan..
- Our home made Ice Cream and Jelly (Jelly Ice Cream) for I and J class- The process! :)
- Happy Birthday Qaid! He is 4!
- Our new SMART puzzles on Opposites! LOVE!
- Cik Dan nak tunjuk MAGIC, yes! :)
- Amanville Space U8 with the kids!

and more and more updates on the kids, for them to read back later on! Yeah!!

Hmmmmm.. see ya later when i see ya!! :))
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