Monday, June 11, 2012

Big Top Birthday Party!

Aidan is turning 3! Next 3 months! Wakakaka.. Lambat lagi, kan?? Hehehe.. :P

Actually, been thinking of the theme for this year, and teringat baju Aidan and Hessa on BIG TOP (circus), with elephant print on it.. Dah ada, senang, make use of them.. :)) And last time, hubby bought Aidan an elephant- pillow- like from Ikea and yes, elephant lagi.. Hehehe.. Also got this circus feeling, which is great for a circus party.. :) And 2 weeks ago, i went to Giant, and guess what? I saw packets of circus birthday hat (circus animal hats) @ RM4.50 for half a dozen, and yes ofcoz, few circus elephant hat terselit sekali.. hehehe.. Perfect for the birthday boy and his sister.. :) And bila balik, wahhh! They kinda look like a GIANT birthday pack!.. What a joy! :)) Some DIY sikit2 may help the party to look fun! :)

Just a small party for Aidan.. I shall invite his cousins to come over and play some circus games with him and adik.. Oooh, Aidan shall show the cousins his magic trick! :P Nothing fancy or over the top, although the theme is gonne be Aidan's BIG TOP party! Hahaha.. :) Ini party makan tengah hari, namanya.. kekeke.. :P

P/s: Yes, Hessa's Hello Kitty party pun tak proceed2 lagi.. Just a small celebration, ingat nak buat di rumah Opah, and saja mummy nak tunggu Zach and Yaya balik sini sama, but since i was planning for a kite flying session with my nieces and nephews, i think we might do in on the open field then.. Picnic style.. Kan adik kan?? :)) Everything dah siap, tinggal nak tunggu angin di Bukit Jelutong jer.. hehehe.. :P

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