Sunday, June 17, 2012

Congrats Khairul and Ain!!

Congrats congrats!! I am so happy for hubby's cousin Khairul, as last Saturday, he got engaged to his pretty Ain.. :) Yes she is, so sweet and so pretty.. :) Alhamdulillah.. The plan for that day was, to meet up with everyone at Maksu's and head to Pulau Indah, Klang for the said event.. So, off we went to Maksu's, and got to meet my parents in law, Tok and Maklang there.. :)) Yes, Kak Ijan, Kak Rohaida, etc2, were there too.. Yes, Kak Rohaida just got a baby girl, named Adriana.. :)) Oh love!

The theme for that day was Pink, and Ain came out in this pink dress, and with her glowy face, it was just perfect! The hantaran from both sides were awesome, and i got to know that Kak Fisha made the chocolate hantaran for Khairul, and i was like "Woooo!", yes, terbaek!! :)) Hehehe.. Maksu and Paksu looked so happy that day.. Blessed! :)

Kak Ijan, sms me last week, and asked me to wear "gold" kurung on that day.. *Scratch2, i don't have one! Hmmm, so i settled with something gold sikit2.. Okay lah.. hehehe.. Just to support kakak ku Ijan.. :)) Alhamdulillah, the event went great, and i got to admit that i just love the feeling of kenduri di kampung.. Sangatlah meriah, and seriously, rasa macam kenduri kahwin pun ada.. Hehehe.. There were lots of food to eat, and Aidan just love satay! :)) He ate a lot that day.. Ehem2, his version of a lot, is very much questionable.. Huhuhuhu.. :P

Okie dokie, pictures time! :)

ps/: We missed Dayyan ( my friend, Ain's son ) Superhero birthday party on that day! Oh sorry Ain.. Yes, nama kawan i pun Ain jugak.. kekeke.. I miss you babe!! I hope to see you really really soon! Ain and Johan (now, the husband), supposedly jadi pengapit i masa kahwin dulu.. But my friend terkena demam denggi, and she was hospitalized for days.. :( But she came a day before just to show her love! Love you back beb!! Mmuax! :))

 Hi all.. :)) On the way to Pulau Indah, jom! :)

Happy to support Khairul and family.. :)

From our side.. :) Tokma, Maklang, Maklong, Maksu, Kak ijan.. :)

Alamdulillah, happy for you Maksu.. :)

Kak Ijan, very elegant lady.. :))
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