Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Most Ardently by TWF

Hi all, yes, still tired, sleepy, and lenguh2 satu badan, after a day at Publika, Solaris Dutamas, helping out Most Ardently event.. :) Alhamdulillah, and BIG BIG BIG Congrats to Dato's Jai and TWF family for their 5th year anniversary, and what a great way to celebrate it! They chose to give back through charity, by organizing an event full of passion and hunger for the latest style and trend through fashion.. Yes, they came up with a fashion show, and last night, we could see fashinistas, designers, trend setters, stylista (hehehe) came to support what they love best! BIG WOW! :))

The one thing that i love most about this event is the support that the supporters on that day have shown throughout the event.. From one thing to another, and everyone just helped each other out, in order to make the event a special one.. Special indeed! Congrats guys! Ina and myself were incharged for the seating arrangements, decor, and registration.. :) And Tini, Najwa and Nadira were our stunning usherers.. :) Evie and Azrie were everywhere.. Same goes to Fina, and our preggy lady, Rini.. :)

Congrats guys!! Go TWF go!!

p/s: Thanks Banawi Studio for coming and support the show.. You guys rock! :)

Pictures of the said event are next! :))
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