Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Look at my kicik, with her mini kaftan.. ready to sleep, mummy! :P Wahhh, siap ada kilauan2 bintang lagi.. hehehe.. :)

My mini me!

Some of her aunties call her - Sara Junior, Siti Sare, Sare.. Hahaha.. Yes, she is soooooo.... me!

The one thing that cracked me up last week was when my sister, Hessa's Ateh Cik Minah who brought along my kids to the shop, (i guess to the shop lah! :P), told me that my kicik went all out singing a 'birthday song' in the car.. Hahaha.. Yes, Hessa just LOVE LOVE LOVE to sing, dance and even when she had no idea how to sing you that particular song, she would just hum! Hehehe.. Cutenes you! Gigit sikit.. :P

And just like me (masa kecik2 dulu), i had no fear to sing in public and sometimes, when you were LUCKY enough, you would see me dance to it too.. Hahaha.. I guess Hessa got that from me.. :P Unlike Aidan, he would feel a little bit shy when we asked him to sing infront of those that he is not familiar with, but Hessa is totally a different case.. Right after Ateh told me about it, i went "You should listen to her singing - Tonight, we are young SONG" and my sister just laughed.. :D

p/s: Oooh, i should get a video of it lah.. Hmmm.. :)

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