Saturday, June 30, 2012

My outdated entry.. :P

They are here! The Lennons!! :)

Yes, my sister, Sya and her kids are here.. Yeahhhh! They came back 2 days before our brother's BIG day, and what a happy day for everyone!! They are going to be here for few weeks, and yes, i got to admit that all of us tried to squeeze in few indoor and outdoor activities for Zach and Yaya.. :)

I decided to bring them to my place, and yes, gonna plan for a picnic and kite flying too, in Bukit Jelutong.. :) Alang would bring the kids to Bukit Cerakah, and i guess Makngah and Anjang would bring them somewhere too.. Yes, last year, Makngah and Anjang brought my sis and the kids to visit Tugu Negara, and few others.. :) They enjoyed their visits so much!

Happy.. happy.. happy! Can't wait to play UNO with my sis, Sya.. Harus lebih berhati2 agar tidak tertipu.. hahaha.. :P

p/s: Oooh, look at what my sis got for my kids! Wahhhhhh, loving them! Lucky kids, mummy nak gak!! :P hehehe.. :) Thank you Ateh, Zach and Yaya!! :)

 Their mini toys'r' us at home that night.. :)

 BIG monster!!

Camera for him and for her.. :)) Yes, can snap pictures and able to transfer to PC, but quality wise, ok! :)

Loving these.. Leap Frog!! Been eyeing on these for months actually.. Now, safely placed on our fridge.. Yes, they are magnetics.. So, the kids able to learn ABC and spelling for Cik Dan before they get their ice cream and what not.. Huhuhu..

 Aqua doodle for adik.. :)

 Another Leap Frog amazing edu game.. :)

 Giant dino book, with separate dino felts.. I can create my own story for them.. Best!!

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