Saturday, June 30, 2012

Smart puzzles! On 'Opposites'..

The best activity ever.. Learning by using puzzles! Not only fun, but very effective!

Smart puzzles, the cheapest brand ever, if we want to compare to other brands out there.. But, the effective one for sure! I love to create a fun learning environment, and to be frank, whenever we did some revisions and homework together, Aidan thought that it was part of our play time.. :)) Just that, we need to find the right way to approach them.. 

For me, whenever i ask him to proceed with his writing activities or simply 'playing SMART puzzles', he needs to play them with me.. This is because, his observation and focus are very much crucial, and he is actually learning from me.. Whatever i do and how i solve the things pretty much leave an impact in his understanding on how he should solve the activity, himself.. And don't be surprised if one day, your kid says.. 'Jap mummy, bagi Aidan buat dulu!'.. :) Great!

This one is on 'Opposites'! :))
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