Friday, June 29, 2012

That's me and Diana..


Smashing scarves by Lea Schmea.. :)

Yes, they have been here since last December, and sekejap jer, Smashing scarves meletop- letop.. Hehehe.. I too love their scarves, and during our event last saturday, i got to lepak2 and asked for help from none other than the model herself, on how to style their scarves, and yes, sekejap jer our model lilit2 the scarf, walla, sangatlah cantik! :)

The model is none other than my colleague in CWA, Nadiah Musa.. So, takder lah segan nak tanya tips2 nih, BERULANG2 kali! kekeke.. :P Okie dokie.. She is Lea's sister, and actually the one that sew the scarves.. Hebat kan?? Cantik and pandai menjahit.. Sayang tak dapat nak buat menantu.. Hahaha.. :P

If you want to start shopping  for beautiful scarves, sila lah add diorang di FB - Smashing Scarves by Lea Shmea, or blog - :)

Enjoy!! :)

Thanks beb, for the tips and free demo on that day.. :)

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