Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Most Ardently by TWF- Part 2

Just pictures and more pictures.. :))

With TWF fellow supporters.. At our Registration hub! :))

The usherers.. :)) Tini, Nadira and Najwa..

Banawi Studio came to support.. They sponsored t- shirts for that morning session.. :))

With Kak Sasha Saidin.. Such a lovely lady.. :))

Our version of Guiliana Rancic.. :)

That's so chick!! :)

Amal from Ammara, and Tini.. :)

Natasha Hudson for Ammara.. Lovely! :)

Yaya, Zaki's (firend) sister all gown up.. Look at how she rocks that outfit! *scream!!

My fav model for that day.. and going BIG for sure.. Suhaiza.. :)

I say it then, i say it again, when i grow up, i wanna be Natasha Hudson.. Hahaha.. :P

Jaja and Shikin.. Congrats Shikin!! 4 months pregnant now.. :)

The fabulous cats! Meow!!

Another preggy lady, Rini.. We went for Orange! :)

Evie, from TWF.. You surely inspire me in many ways.. :) Congrats!!

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