Thursday, June 7, 2012

Very expressive Hessa! :)

Hi all, yes, today's entry is on my daughter.. :) My Hessa!

Currently, Hessa loves to express her feelings and whatever that comes into her mind, and he would let you know for sure.. Either babbling about it, her way, or even come up with, yes, an understandable sentence! Hehehe.. Yes, Hessa can talk, but very little maaaaa.. But the one thing that i am so proud of with my daughter is that, she tried to make up (okay, tiru Aidan now :P) one whole sentence, walaupun pendek jer.. hehehe.. Cute nyer Hessa babbling.. :)

Okay, ceritanya.. Aidan sometimes bila tak focus, selalu got this confused.. Bila kitorang melepak di bawah, he would say "jom turun bawah??" and we would correct him "no, jom naik atas! This is bawah" and he would correct himself lak after that.. AND when we are upstairs tengah tengok tv, he would say "jom naik atas??" and we would correct him,  macam biasalah.. hehehe.. And rupa2nya, Hessa pasang telinga! kekeke..

So, last Saturday, while waiting for daddy and Aidan to get ready before we went to see Dora, mummy and Hessa were playing inside their playroom, and suddenly, she came to me and said "jom, wiwi wawah?!" and i was like, "what?? Hessa, ulang balik.. Adik kata apa??".. and she pulled my hand and ulang2 cakap "jom, wiwi wawah!!" and mummy terus follow jer si anak dara sorang tuh.. hehehe.. OH MY!! Yes, adik kept on saying nak wiwi wawah, and she showed me the stairs! Hahaha.. "Oh, jom turun bawah!! (hati dah berbunga dah masa nih! Anak saya dah besar..hehehe).. "Naik atas la adik, this is bawah..".. Erggg, yes, sekarang kena betulkan dua orang anak yang confused dah nak turun or nak naik.. Huhuhu.. :))

Mummy terus ajak adik masuk kerete, and waited for them there.. And yes, my hero pun joined after that, and he brought with him a small balloon yang ala2 takder angin tuh.. hehehe, and gave to adik.. Adik gigit2 balloon th, and tak sempat mummy nak terik, hmm, balloon dah pecah, but takder lah meletup.. hehehe.. So, Hessa terkeluar kata.."Ooooo, ecah!" Eh eh.. sekali lagi mummy terkedu sorang2.. Adik sebut apa?? Dalam senyap2 mummy nak dengar adik ulang balik, tiba2 rupa2nya somebody else dalam kereta pun faham.. hahaha.. Cik Dan went " Aper?? Pecah?? Mana?? Meh!!" and he took the balloon and try nak tiup balik for her.. Hahaha.. Oh my, betul lah apa yang mummy pun terfikir adik nak cakap.. But this is very new! The word pecah! Selalu yang mummy and daddy expose-ken Hessa, dengan few words like, duduk, come, give, nak tak? tak nak?, kekeke, jom? mana? and when she can come up with new words and tau when to use it, memang double berbunga hati mummy.. hehehe.. :))

Yes, memang semua anak2 will eventually talk (InsyaAllah), but i find it a joy to witness my kids' progress and love to keep it in my journal/ blog! This is amazing anak2, how you able to do this and that, from being a total dependent to just super independent.. But yes, ofcoz bila makin membesar, banyak sangat dugaan lain, like keeping up with his and her activeness, refusal to follow what we say, how they express their love to us by keeping each other crying for no reasons (hahahaha) and yes, bila sebut anak2 memang macam2 dugaan.. I have seen my nieces and nephews membesar, and now it's my turn, and every kid is different.. Ada yang senang nak jaga, ada yang very creative and very expressive.. Whatever it is, i always remind myself that it is just a phase.. InsyaAllah, bila dah besar sikit later, senang lah mummy and daddy yer.. Hehehe.. :P

Few other words yang adik able to express:

1) Nak susu
2) Nak!
3) Jom!
4) Nak duduk! (na dududuk)
5) NO!
6) Tak nak.. (na nakkkk)
7) and few others..


p/s: Sometimes, pagi2, adik would say this.. "minmnaegedssbjoam Popahhhhh" and i would say "Yer lah, nih nak pegi rumah Opah ler ni!" kekeke.. :)
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