Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When Aidan and Hessa met Dora! :)

Hehehe.. remember my previous entry on Dora, and that we missed her @I-City?? Hehehe.. Well, yesterday, daddy surprised the kids, by bringing them to meet Dora in person, and yes, they got to give her a big hug and all.. :) Way better than ICT i guess, the fact that if we were there, we might have to queue with thousands of people (panas and berpeluh la jawabnyer), just to snap a pic or two.. Huhu..

Ceritanya, yesterday morning, daddy told me that he got to know Dora's location for that day, and he asked everyone to get ready by 11.. And yes, the location was OU, and i was like, "Hmmm, not bad if we were to compare with I-City, but OU itself would be crowded for sure.. But when we arrived there, there was no sign of Dora and Boots at all.. (Yes, Barbie jer ada) :) and when i asked some of the people there, nobody seemed to know or had any idea about Dora, coming to OU at all.. I was like "Are you sure, daddy??".. "Yes!" with no hesitation at all.. So we went for lunch and brought the kids about (melayan for sure), and suddenly hubby came to me and said "Yes, Dora is coming.. Kat MPH!!".. Weeeeee!!

Yes, the registration started at 4.30 (FOC), yup it was the second session for that day, as we missed the first session.. I didn't want to miss it again, so we waited around MPH as they only allowed 20 families to exclusively meet Dora in person and yes, there had photoshoot session for us too.. I was so excited to surprise my kids, as i know how much they love Dora, and yes, Dora taught Aidan a lot! :) To my surprise (hehehe) we were among the earliest to register, and got our place in.. And guess what? We had less than 20 families there as nobody seemed to have any idea that Dora was there, unlike I-City where the promotions were quite big.. Lucky us! :)

They had a story telling session by Darvina (good one) on one of Dora's adventure trip with her best buddy, Boots and yes, Swiper was there too.. :) Lucky Aidan, he got some goodies and prices from Nickelodeon.. Yes, we answered great in one of the questions being asked, "Who is Dora's best friend".. Hehehe.. Ofcoz we know! :P Hehehe.. Yes, Aidan got himself a handkerchief which we later replaced it with The Backpack! :) Cuteness.. Kalau kat I-City mesti takder goodies.. Hehehe..

Then, the moment that everyone was waiting for.. Dora and Boots came to greet everyone! Hessa waved at Dora, happily, while Aidan, ehem2, as usual too excited to even make a sound.. Hehehe.. He was in total shock! We got to take a photo with Dora, and adik left her with a kiss on her cheek! Oh so sweet.. :)) Did we have fun there?? Yes, WE DID! :))

I love this kind of activity for my kids! Loving it!

Pictures time.. :) Enjoy! :)

 Chewah, dah siap dah dia.. Nak pakai socks sendiri lak tuh.. :))

 Hehehe.. how focus and determined! :)

 Main dulu ngan mummy sementara tunggu the boys siap.. Tengok adik, all sweaty back.. hehehe..

 We even got in the car early and start main make-up2, see adik's red lips.. :)

 Tiru mummy bila mummy suruh adik pout.. hehehe..

 The said Barbie event.. At OU..

Dah ala2 frust tak dapat jumpa Dora (thought so), so we brought the kids to the arcade.. :)

 And what a happy news when daddy said "yes, we got to meet Dora today.." :)) Yeah!!

 Hello Dora!!

 After we registered and while waiting for Dora, we decided to do some coloring.. These were Aidan's nick's favors.. :)

 And he made friend with Aisya.. :)

 That's Devina from Nick's.. She was the storyteller for that day.. :) Love her 'Swiper's' voice.. :)

 What Aidan got after he answered the quiz.. 'Boots' was the answer.. Hooray! :))

 Say Hello adik!!

 There she was.. :)) Adik dah start lambai2 dah time nih..No need to ask her to do so.. She was excited! :)

 Dora and Boots!

Our family pics.. with Dora!


 Aidan and his Backpack.. Yes, we changed his gift to this one.. Kekeke.. :P

It was fun to listen to the story, and to meet Dora.. We love it! :)

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