Monday, July 16, 2012

Hessa's Pink and Black Hello Kitty Party!!

Hessa is 1!

Yes, what a statement! Hahaha.. I was referring to Hessa's Party settings, whereby the wordings at the backdrop of her so called "cake- cutting- table" :P was so.. oh la la, BIG! Hahaha.. Yes, i had no time to really focus on it, as on that Friday night itself that i got the chance to prepare for my Hessa' party, and using the kids' foam alphabets, i just traced the alphabets sebijik2.. Hahaha.. Besar kan?? But, i just love the whole thing, as the party went all sweet and just great, and the most important thing is that, everyone enjoyed each other's company so much, and the food pun habis.. :)) Bravo all!!

Thank you Banawi Studio for the birthday themed t-shirts.. We love it!! And Hessa looked oh so adorable in her pink, layered skirt.. :)) You guys rock!! And yes, Ibrahim's friend, Nik Aqilah was "responsible" for the cakes, and cuppies, that left everybody macam sayang jer nak makan cake tuh.. Hahaha.. Sedap sgt3.. You should try her Pavlova and Red Valvet cake too.. And price range, you will be surprised.. Really.. :))

I was planning for this and that untuk birthday Hessa.. Not that i wanted to come up with BIG party, but i was thinking a lot of doing it outside, at the park, picnic style and what not.. But, for some reasons, we ended up buat di rumah, and it went great as well.. :) By petang jer, the boys went out and kick some balls kat sebelah rumah.. And for the girls, seronok jer main at the kids playroom.. :)) Relax and fun!

Thank you for the gifts!!.. Yes, Hessa dapat lagi gifts on that day.. Banyak nyer birthday gifts Hessa!! :) Thank you Nurin for the doll, we named her, Betty! and as for Fatin, Farah, Farisya, Mian and Makngah, thank you, thank you, thank you for the picture frame with Hessa's adorable pics! Yes, now, Hessa pun dah ada pic at our wall of fame!! Hahaha.. :P

We hope that everyone enjoyed themselves on that day, and thank you so much for coming, guys!! We love you!! :)))

Okie dokie.. SOME of our pics on that day.. :)) Enjoy!

Simple setting just to create that party mood.. Yes, it's a statement : HESSA IS 1! Kekeke.. :P Besarkan?? I know.. :P

Seriously, my "sentimental valu" arrangement.. Mummy letak, Hessa tarik, mummy letak, Aidan tarik.. kekeke.. :P

This is the cutest cake ever.. :)) You did a great job, Aqilah.. :)) Yes, supporting Ibrahim's friend's business.. :))

Yes, so detail, you could cry!.. Hehehe.. :))
Cheeky boy! My baby boy!! Sometimes when i sleep, i could feel someone touching my eyes, nose, cheek, and when i slowly opened my eyes, i saw him, and he would say "Mummy, Aidan nak susu!" or simply smile and went back to sleep.. Hehehe.. :P

Hello anak Korea.. :))

Relax party.. My mini me, she sang herself a birthday song.. :)) Love love!! 
Gotta make this part of our 'MUST DO' on their birthdays.. The kids had fun for sure! :))

Aidan too grabbed the chance to bully adik yer?? Hmmm.. :P

 "How could you??" - Adik.. hehehe.. :P

Atyn felt sooooo sayang to cut that mini hello kitty fondant/ template, yes, sooo sayang!! :)) Love this pic Atyn!! :))

Bella, Nurin and Hessa.. :)

Achik Ita LOVE and Hessa.. :))

The girls.. Hessa's kakak2.. :))

Haikal used the kids pom2, and made himself clown's hair.. Tiba2 ada clown lak that day.. So creative! :)

The best present ever.. From my sis and her family.. :)) Love2!

Daddy and little daughter.. :))

Party favors time.. the kids went 'i want his! i want this! '.. :))


I love you anak2 sedara.. :)) Posing time.. :))

Ofcoz, Aidan came to steal the limelight.. Hahahaha.. :P

Yes please, now eat! :P

Hi adik.. Happy birthday baby.. You are one easy and independent girl.. :))

Nurin's adik.. :))

Thanks for coming guys!! We love having you guys at our place.. Till we meet again!! :)) Yes, nih baru SUKU anak2 sedara.. Hahaha.. :P Sebab yang lain duduk jauh2, these are Shah Alam's side.. :P

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