Friday, July 13, 2012

With some of my sisters and anak beranak.. Yes, SOME only ya.. Hahaha.. So you can imagine if everyone is around macam mana.. Kekekeke.. This is just 1/4, i guess.. Huhuhu..

We miss you guys already!!

See you guys in 2014!!

InsyaAllah Ateh, Zach and Yaya!!

and Caleb too!!

Take care!!


* Hannah came to see me and Hessa for the very last time before they bid us goodbye, and she said this " Achu, can you do me a favor.. When Hessa is big enough to understand English, please tell her, that I miss her!"

Achu: sob2!! :(( *looking away..

They gonna miss you too Yaya and Zach!! :))
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