Monday, July 9, 2012

More pictures of our outing coming up next.. Thanks to Amjad, our photographer on that night.. hehehe.. Can you spot Intan and Hanis, yup, my nieces arrived from Russia last week, and they would be attending their medic practical here.. :))

13 of us @ ICT.. :))


How was your weekend? As for us, last Saturday, i planned for an outing to ICT, just to entertain my nieces and nephews, and Alhamdulillah, we had fun over there (although it took us more than 25 minutes just to get out from the car park, huh! :P)

To Zach and Yaya, we gonna miss you anak2 sedara!! :( I planned for a picnic in BJ with them, and got to celebrate Hessa jugak, but had to cancel it sebab rumput yang tak terjaga di sana, and weekends yang ada this event and that event.. :) Like yesterday, we had kanduri doa selamat at my mom's, and last week, we had akikah and all.. Hmmmm.. :)

Take care dearest.. See ya next year! :)) I love you!! Mmmuaxx!!

To my sis Sya, "jangan teriak!!" kekekeke.. I love you love you love you!!

p/s: We played ABC last Saturday, and had to guess nama2 perempuan and lelaki traditional, like if we got F, we should say, Fadzillah and Fadzil! It was really hillarious..!! That's the thing about my sis, Sya.. She is indeed being loved by all for being just plain sweet, warm, and funny too.. :)) It is so fun when she is around.. :( Gonna miss you, Kati! :))
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