Monday, July 9, 2012

My baby GIRL..

My baby girl named Hessa,
She is indeed a superstar!
She likes to sing to any number,
And dance along with her brother!

My baby girl named Hessa,
She is so sweet and oh so tender!
Once she hug you, you would feel better,
A hope that tomorrow is gonna be brighter!

My baby girl named Hessa,
When we play together, she would be a cook or a baker!
She would serves me cakes, toasts with some butter,
And a cup of coffee from her coffee maker!


Such a joy! :))

p/s: Sometimes she would ask me "nak??" as in "nak lagi"?? hehehe.. :P sebab tiru Aidan, bila main jual2, Aidan would ask me, "Mummy nak makan apa? Hotdog? Mummy nak air tak?? Nak??" :))

Last night:

Aidan: Saper nak main dengan Aidan?? Mummy, say saya!

 Mummy: Hmm, saya..

Aidan: No mummy, (sambil angkat tgn mummy sebelah) say, saya! :P

Expression is very crucial for him.. He thinks that it won't be a joy if i am not up for it.. Hahaha.. Betul la jugak kan?? So, mummy pun follow lah anak sorang tuh, i went..

Mummy: Oh mesti lah sayaaaaa!! :D kekeke.. :P

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