Monday, July 30, 2012

Spidey art time! Oh yes!!

Final look.. :)

Whaddaapppp, yo?? :P

Spidey and Spidey Art Craft! :)

Hello everyone!

Lama mummy tak proceed with class for Aidan and art crafts class.. Class kalau buat pun mesti on hands on activities saja, puzzles and what not.. Meaning to say more on games, no alphabet tracing, no role play.. Yes, every week ada jer nak kena ke sana ke sini.. *sigh.. And only yesterday we got the chance to do some art! I chose him a Spidey Sand Art Crafts.. :)) Yes, Hessa is too small for it, and since it involves colorful sands and what not, i just let her watch, and sometimes she was too excited for him, she 'helped' him finished the art, her way.. huhuhu.. :P

Since Saturday we were in Shah Alam, preparing things for Abang Ibrahim's big day, this coming September, we only had yesterday to ourselves.. I got to do the housechores, cooked for berbuka, and selfishly made some time for the kids, sebab mula2 memang nak ajak jer anak2 tuh lepak depan TV.. hehehe.. But sayang, if i didn't use my weekend with them wisely.. So, we proceed with some arts.. :))

So, these are some of the pics we took yesterday, when my daughter chose to wear her sunglasses at home sambil layan popsicle ala2 kat beach, and Aidan being one little spidey, cute one! :))

Ohh yes how funny it was, when that evening, we chose to go to Mydin to get some stuff when tiba2 ada this little boy, who looked at Aidan, and he went "mama, tuh Spiderman!" hahaha.. I am sure that he was referring to Aidan's baju, but when Aidan heard that, he gave this one funny smile, ala2 bangga sebab dia rasa that boy just called him "Spiderman!".. kekeke.. I went, "That boy panggil Aidan Spiderman ker?" and he replied "Yer, Aidan Spiderman!".. Hahahaha.. :P Okay now, no memanjat yerrrrrrrrr! :P

Let's begin.. Shall we?

Bila suruh senyum.. :P

Messy time.. Lte's get messy.. Tapi takderlah messy camner pun kan?? :P

Dah siap.. And when i asked him to do 'peace' sign.. See, tengah figuring it out, camner nak buat.. hahahaha :P

Tadaaaa, 'peace'.. :P His version

Revision time!

And dino time! :)) We created one beautiful dino story - A story on dino who likes to take bath, and smells good.. :P Hehehe..

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