Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So, what's your first movie/ cinema experience, guys? :)

Yes, for the kids, it was Madagascar 3! Awesome! And double AWESOME coz they sat still, behaved and super excited about their first cinema experience.. :))

So, last saturday when i went to Mydin to get myself some cereal fro sahur, Aidan saw this Kellogg's box, and went "Mummy, look!" Yes, it's Madagascar, and actually if we are "rajin" (haha) enough, we can make ourselves a picture frame.. So, i bought my Kellogg's and Aidan got himself a Madagascar frame.. :)

But bila balik, letih and tak buat2 pun frame tuh, so today potong, bawa pegi office and bila free jer start lah melipat2, and tadaaaaaaa, SIAP! I got myself, a Madagascar picture frame.. So cute! :))

Hehehe, entry kali ini adalah nak share how this little frame can do wonders in our record book.. I shall paste the kid's first experience at the cinema with Madagascar background on top of it, and keep it safe in the kids Record Book (yes, still updating their milestones).. :)) Our first cinema MADAGASCAR experience!


Sometimes you don't have to spend so much, but simple things can leave super duper great impact! :)) I just love all these.. CLAP2!!
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