Wednesday, August 29, 2012

When Bonda and Kekandas came to visit.. :)

Thank you dear sis and beloved mother for the visit last Sunday, to our humble house.. We were so delighted and happy to have you guys that day, that Khairi made the effort to make a U-turn just to get some lemang for all of us.. Kekeke.. Yes, in order to create that Raya mood, lemang and rendang are a must have for that day.. :P

Thank you to nephews and nieces for being there too.. Next year, we shall follow Alang's plan to raya at everyone's house.. We shall celebrate our raya 10 days straight, just to cover the 10 houses here.. kekeke.. Chup, raya ke 2! :P Although tak sempat nak prepare other dish sebab Alang call last minute saying nak datang rumah, i hope whatever i prepared that day dah bagi everyone happy and feel like home.. :)

Walaupun tak semua yang datang, Uncle Khairi, myself and the kids enjoyed having you guys, and please come again.. You guys are always welcome.. :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you again for the visit.. :)

Some of Banawi Studio Eid Mubarak pics.. on Achu Sara and keluarganya.. :) Still waiting for my pics with Opah.. Promised my sis, Makngah not to upload her pic.. hehehe.. I shall keep my promise.. :)

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