Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mysig - Early birthday present for Aidan, oh yes, and adik.. :P

Today, we brought the kids to Ikea, just to see the latest they have there.. And yes, Morroccan stuff is everywhere.. Oh my! Super like! Not only Bemz, my nephew can't resist Ikea's stuff, me too!! :P Especially at the childrens department, i can go crazy over the things there, from this small cute colorful boxes, the toys, beds and cupboards ( clap2 Mammut set!! ) to its wall decorations.. Crazyyyy! :)

Mammut bedding set? Oh yes! Been eyeing on the set since forever, and those who folow my blog mesti dah tau kan?? Hehehe.. But the set selalu jer ada yang tak cukup, if the bed ada, the cupboard plak takder, and the drawers ada color lain la jer.. :( And yes, not that i wanted to buy masa tuh, but i enjoy window shopping and affirmation like what i did before.. Pernah keluar dengan Mr Boyfriend, my hubby now, window shopping and all, and siap tanya model and availability, as an affirmation and put it in writing, and Alhamdulillah, from one thing to another yang affirm dapat.. But bukanlah semua, at least ada yang dapat.. :) So, Mammut set is my affirmation now.. :)

And bila jalan2, i saw this cute bed canopy.. And i was like 'i want this!!' hahaha.. bukan 'Aidan wants this!!' :P Super cute and super like!! Please LIKE! :P So, i decded to get it for Aidan and Hessa.. Bed takder lagi, but bed canopy dah ada.. kekeke.. :P Early birtday present for Aidan from mummy.. Tak nak pasang lagi, sebab nak surprise him on his birthday.. They would love them.. :) Cute kan? :)

Mammut set.. I love!!! :) Pink please.. :P

Sweet like Candy!! :)


We got Hessa this cute canopy as part of her nursery decorations last time.. :) Suka!
Cute right.. For Aidan, please.. :P Without the flowers ofcoz.. :P

Look at how they turned the Ikea's Kura bed into this cute little house for that lucky gal.. :) Super creative!

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