Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lepas traced dots, can draw sheep pakai kasut.. hehehe.. :P just for fun!

Progress.. progress..

Not-so-shaky-little-hands-anymore! :) - compare to last time, ofcoz! :)

As he just reached 3, i just let him traced the dots himself, and yes, i was really impressed and happy to see the final result.. :)) Alhamdulillah..

What makes me happy after a tiring day at work?

1) My kids eat a lot..
2) Seeing these results.. :)

:)) Ohh, i have a funny story to share here.. Already shared via FB..

Funny when there was this night, i asked aidan to count from 1 -15..

He went 1-10 (perfect!)..

and then he continued, eleven (ELEVEN), twef (TWELVE), THIRTEEN, porteen (FOURTEEN), LABUTIN! (louboutin, anyone??) kekeke.. :P

wahhhhhh, 'expensive' mistake.. :P
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