Sunday, September 23, 2012

Umm Abdou, Umm Fattah..

Thank you for coming dear Zizie, Umm Abdou and Fattah and also her mother, makcik.. So happy to finally meet you again.. :) The last time we met was 2009, when you came to visit me and Aidan during my confinement.. Tup2, she has 2 kids now and so do i.. :)) How time flies.. :))

I made them Lemon Chicken and for the kids, Chicken Soup, aunty Sara's style.. :P hihihi..

Okie dokie, pictures time..

 My friend, the sweetest Zizie.. :)

... and makcik.. sporting! :D 
Anak angkat Arab saya.. Abdou.. My friend just found out that Abdou is actually has autisme, and yes, during their visit, i got to see that he liked to spend his time alone, no eye contact with others except cartoons, and would sometimes scream his lungs out when he gets too ecited.. But seriously, he is a very brilliant boy.. The doctor in his class asked him to answer basic kindy questions, and he did great! Alhamdulillah.. :)

 This is Fattah.. Curly hair Fattah.. Look at his hair.. Both of them actually.. Suka! :)

My Lemon Chicken.. :P Ok, my first attempt.. That's why CHIIIWIIII.. :P
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