Sunday, September 9, 2012

Love Jalur Gemilang Kite.. :)

Aidan's Merdeka Celebration.. :)

Merdeka.. Merdeka.. Merdeka!!.. :) Happy Merdeka Day!! Hope that it is not too late to wish you Happy Merdeka, the fact that it is already 06.09.2012.. hehehe.. :P So, what did you do during your 3 days short Merdeka holiday??

As for us, we celebrated our Merdeka Day, the kids style.. :) Aidan has been longing for kite flying for months now.. But bukan lah he insisted for it, just that he sometimes said, nak main kite.. So, i tried to inject some fun for him in celebrating Merdeka, by coming up with Jalur Gemilang kite flying session on that Friday morning, itself.. :) Knowing that he would be very happy if his kite actually fly, and that he doesn't have to run here and there teruk2 (which at his age, may not help to fly the kite at all) to ensure that, i came up with one great idea to make his kite flying session worked.. I used Helium Balloon.. :P How cute, siap bentuk Heart lagi, as a way to express our love to our country.. :P Tihihi..

I made him DIY Merdeka flag- kite using A4 paper, and placed it under the ballon/ on the string.. (make sure that the kite is not that heavy for the balloon.. If not, you might need to find lighter paper/ material, or simply buy more than 1 helium balloon).. So, the next morning, as i was busying myself with some house chores and that his dear kite was waiting patiently for him downstairs, i heard my boy walked down the stairs, and went 'wow, what's that'- sounded like this , 'wow, what dat?' :P and to see him smiling widely, i was all excited too.. So off we went out and celebrate Jalur Gemilang in the air.. I couldn't snap any pic of him at that point, as daddy was upstairs with adik, and i was on the run together with him back and forth, back and forth.. :) We had a pretty great time, and as i was trying to grab my camera, i heard the balloon burst (ala, pity baby Hessa) as Hessa was on her way to join us.. Ohhh, pity baby girl.. Later kita main kite lagi kay, adik? :)

So, Happy Merdeka Day again everyone.. Janji Ditepati??? :P Tihihihi..
 Good morning, sunshine.. Happy Merdeka Day! :)
We went for few rounds lari pegi balik tebangkan kite, but bila nak start terbangkan kite, he insisted to lay the balloon on the ground.. And i guess he pressed it a little bit.. So, pecahh.. Huhuhu..
 Our DIY Jalur Gemilang kite.. :)
How cute is this?? We came across this super cute sandal for adik.. She picked green.. :)
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