Sunday, September 9, 2012

'Peace' and 'Give me 10! :P' from my kids.. :P kekeke..
(rekaan mummy jer, dah kebetulan.. :P)

Spiderman Birthday Party, celebrating the Spidey.. :)

Hi, i received a lot of birthday parties and open house invitations, even from my own sis, but i had to skip few sebab tak cukup masa.. So sorry guys.. :)

And today, we missed Aunty Evie's open house as we had to settle few stuff, and only able to join this Spiderman birthday party near my house.. Yes, my neigbour's grand son.. How cute.. :) We received the invitaion card, and it was such an amazing card, with Spiderman's face and the web.. So cool! :)

So after we got home from Damansara, i saw this red and blue tent and Spidey decorations here and there infront of my neibour's house.. Aidan was so excited to go, and we decided to support the whole theme.. We changed the kids clothes to their Spiderman outfit and off we went to the party.. Ok2 Hessa wore Aidan's ofcoz! :P Although it was raining just now, the event planner did a super great job, supporting the whole event.. :) As i made my way to the dessert table, i saw my old friend.. Oh my, Nani was my friend back in UiTM and it has been years since we see each other.. We were so excited that we forgot about the clown who tried to get everyone's attention.. Basically he was talking to himself pun.. Hehehe.. And guess what? She was the event planner.. :) Wow! Now, i have 3 event planners cum friends.. :) Hehehe..

Yes, let's have a look at how this dear party planner did her magic.. :)

To our birtday boy, Happy Birthday handsome! We had a great time at your party.. You one lucky boy! Mmmuax!

With my fellow neighbours.. :) 

 Creative cake cutting corner.. :)

Sweet tooth corner.. :)

 The other kids love the clown.. :) My kids sometimes find the clown scary.. kekeke.. :P

Birthday boy and nenek.. :) Love!

 Spidey Pinata.. Cute! :)

Super awesome.. Thanks Spidey.. :)) Laksa was so yummy too.. Mummy had 2 bowls just now.. :P Walla!!
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