Thursday, September 13, 2012

My son, in his baju tido, is turning 3 tomorrow.. Yeahh! :))

Small, intimate celebration indeed.. :)

Hehehe.. Now, i shall upload the pics from that mini birthday party for Aidan.. :P We celebrated his birthday this evening, since tomorrow i might be busy with hantaran for my nephew, Bemz.. :) So, i decided to bring my small family of 4 for quick makan2 (well, we can't really enjoy good food with kids around right?? hahaha, at least not for us.. our kids need to learn all the adab2 di meja makan, really!) :P So, we decided to head for pizza! :) With my intention to get him his 'clown' ice cream, we settled at Papa John Section 9, Shah Alam.. (pssst, BR is actually opposite PJ, that's why.. shhh) :P kekeke.. :)

So, tomorrow Aidan is gonna be 3! My goodness, i am so overwhelmed.. Can i still call him, my baby?? Hahaha.. Since now, bila saja2 panggil Aidan, baby, Aidan mesti buat tak dengar, and when i said 'hey you, i'm talking to u' he would reply 'Aidan bukan baby.. tuh tuh..' sambil jari tunjuk kat adik.. hehehe.. 'No, Aidan la baby..' and he would smile and say 'No la mummy.. Aidan ni Aidan, bukan baby'.. 'Oklah baby, mummy tak kacau dah!' :P Bengang jer anak sorang tuh.. kekeke.. :P

And told hubby just now, since Aidan pre mature, every year celebrate birthday jer, mesti it would bring me back to the first day i laid my eyes on him, and my tears of joy of witnessing this small baby of mine who was actually a fighter, and never a day that i failed to go to the hospital and pray for him.. We shared this moment that i could never ever ever forget, and although he obviously won't remember it, but the feeling at that point of time is just priceless.. He understood me, while we shared our moments staring at each other.. :/ Sob.. sob..

BUT now, he is my Kung Fu Panda ninja, kicking back and forth, pretending to knock down the evil villains (but since he was playing alone, he was the one who fell off :P), my Spiderman who would climb up Opah's sofa, and jumped down even from high table whatsoever, leaving everyone with panic attack and lonnnnggg 'Astaghfirullahal'azim'.. kekeke.. :P, daddy's Gadget Boy who would go crazy about Ipad, Ipod and even Ipod's box.. hahaha.. Tu dia, yer anak saya mat gadget.. Harus lah saya kurang2kan aktiviti berIpod.. Digalakkan hanya pada waktu2 makan, sebab senang nak suap makan banyak2.. Kekeke.. :P

Okie dokie.. pictures time.. :) Later we will update pics from his actual BIG TOP party kay?? Bagi chance kat Abang Bemz dulu.. Dia nak kawen!! :P

 How cute! :)) Actually we have to order this a day before, but i told them that it was for my boy.. And we would love to celebrate him tonight.. They smiled, and agreed to make one for him.. Yeah, love BR! :)

 Proud parents.. :)

 My darling baby is now 3! Sob2..

 Daddy's and kids.. :)

 Mine.. :P

Story about adik tonight: Hessa was so excited and couldn't stop herself from singing Birthday Song sampai dalam kete, and on the way balik rumah.. She was so sleepy, she closed her eyes, but not her mouth.. hehehe.. Nyanyi punya nyanyi, sampai Aidan tertido.. But Hessa continued, nyanyi punya nyanyi, and suddenly i started my singing lak.. I went "LaillahaillAllah, MuhammadaRasulullah" and she suddenly stopped singing, looked at me, puzzled, closed her eyes, and followed.. She went 'Laaawawawa, mommawawaaaa' (her version) and guess what, few rounds of following mummy, i found my baby, sleeping oredi.. hehehe.. :P
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