Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Aidan - BIG 3!! *Clap2!!

Yes, my baby is turning 3 tomorrow.. Oh my darling, Aidan.. I love you with all my heart, i love you to the moon and back.. Love you!!

I am finding ideas on how to celebrate his birthday tonight, as tomorrow i might be busy with Abang Ibrahim's hantaran.. As i picked BIG TOP theme party for him this year (would only be celebrated after Abang Brahim's big day this weekend), i decided to buy him and adik, one Baskin Robbins clown ice cream for tonight (sharing :P) during our mini- family of 4- daddy- mummy- aidan- hessa party, and later during his actual BIG TOP party, then only Aunty Qilah will work on her magic.. :)

How cute is this ice cream.. Yes, i googled it first, and later i shall celebrate his party with daddy and little Hessa.. He would love it! :) Yeahhhhh!

BIG 3.. I am waiting for more and more surprises from him.. New vocabs, new jokes, new attitude, new hair style.. :P Kekeke.. It's about time to really focus on him.. Exercise on tracing dotted lines, and recognizing alphabets, colors, shapes, and what not is something that i would support him to.. master?? Hahaha.. No lah, to get use or familiar with.. Come on, he is only 3! Kekeke..

School? Not yet.. I shall register him next 2 years, and i guess at 4 year old, he would be ready.. InsyaAllah.. My prayers are always with you, my baby.. I love you!
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