Sunday, September 16, 2012

 Liz, Siddiq and Aiden.. :)

Liz and her sweet tooth corner.. Lovely!

Liz's Raya Open House.. :)

Hi, just got back from Liz's.. She invited all her friends and neighbours at Cahaya SPK for dinner/ gathering/ raya open house.. Ofcoz we didn't want to miss it as we seldom got the chance to meet everyone, and that bila jumpa, malu plak sebab tak kenal, tak tahu nama, and ada incident yang others lak tau nama kita, and we went on asking ourselves, 'oh my, apa ntah nama kakak ni!' slap forehead! Daaaa?

So, to make it short, i got to meet Kak Tim, Wan Azliana, Najwa (my friend back in primary school, now my neigbour in Cahaya), and many others (:P) hahaha.. See, i really really really need to mix around.. Oh my! I can remember their faces, but not their names.. Hmmmm.. :/

Okie dokie.. Jom usha pics, at Liz's.. To Liz, thanks for having us, and it was nice seeing you just now.. Thanks again darl!

 Hahaha.. lama tak tangkap gambar macam ni.. Macam zaman remaja.. :P

 The kids saw this, harus main sekejap.. Huhuhu.. :P

We were so hungry we could eat a cow.. :P We kept ourselves busy with the house chores and daddy even skipped his lunch.. Laapaaaarrr.. :P Cepatlah anak2 ku! :P

 Adik pun join.. :) Aidan was not in the right mood before we left for Liz's as he fell asleep in the evening and my kid would only be a happy child when he or she gets enough sleep.. Huhuhu..

 Just SWEET!

 Love the color on her.. :))

She made all these herself!! Wow! Okay, seriously impress.. :)

Liz's Open House is just like a birthday party.. Hehehe.. Cute! :) Love!
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