Thursday, September 20, 2012

*Smile.. :)

2012 version..

2009 version.. :P

Reception : Ibrahim and Aja..

Now.... hit it!

" Ya Hanana... Ya Hanana... Ya Hanana..."

Hello everyone.. Yes, promised to update Ibrahim's reception last Monday night, at UiTM Hotel, Shah Alam..

The theme for that night was RED (only for the ladies) and just dinner with simple performances by our nieces, nephews and Mak Tam (my sis) :P.. My sister Alang, loved it to be simple, small and intimate.. Believe me, it was one of those nights that i would remember for the rest of my life.. Why? Well, the fact that my sister Zainab's speech left me speechless, and touched, and the fact that the moment i turned just to cover my eyes, i saw Mak Ngah (my sis) who was already in tears, hahahaha, not helping at all! :P I cried too.. I guess most of us cried that night, it's either you were good at covering it up, or not.. And in our case, we just couldn't help it, but yes, it was ofcoz tears of joy.. Happy tears.. :) PLUS, Mak Tam's (my sis) story telling performance on Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.. Yes, heard about it, read it, and still i cried! What is wrong with ME????!!!!! kekeke.. Ok, blame Ibrahim as he made the video and put up few pics of him and his mother, and yes, i cried! :P

Thank God, we had few other performances by our nieces and nephews.. On Selawat, Qasidah Ya Hanna Hanna, and another one i am not so sure on what, by Mamat, our 46 years old nephew! Hahaha.. 46? Those who are in my FB will definitely know about this joke i wrote on my wall.. :P

After i put up pictures on the Solemnization Day and Reception Night on my FB wall, few of my friends asked me about my outfit.. Hehehe.. Ok, let me tell you something.. About the GREEN outfit i wore on the Solemnization Day.. I wore Black jubah inner, with long Green cardigan, and i took 2 of Hessa's hair pin and made myself a pair of Flower Brooch.. hehehe.. It's not jubah or anything that come in a set, it's just mix and match of what i have in my closet.. :P As for the RED dress, well, i made 2 modern kurungs during my visit to Bandung (they took only 1 day to make me my kurungs and sent to the hotel where i stayed- SUPER!) few years back, and yes, after starving myself to death (hahahaha, no lah!), i got to wear it again (tahan nafas please!).. Alhamdulillah, jimat duit mummy.. Actually the kurung had lining inside, but very-the-berkilat-sakit-mata-oiiii! So i decided to play "Jane" and took them out (siap koyak, jahit balik, shhhhh, takder saper perasan kan?? hoyeahhhh! :P), bought red inner that complimented with the color, and matched them with my long red skirt.. And off we went to the hotel to celebrate the 2 birds! Hessa wore her red flowery-sweet-like-candy kurung, and the guys (both kicik and not so kicik) wore black baju melayu.. :)

Enough about us, Ibrahim and Aja looked super calm and relax as there was no pressure at all.. No pelamin for you to seat and gave this never ending smile.. Basically we just had dinner with them.. :) Ibrahim looked 'duuuhhh-shhinggg' (if i said dashing, he would be thrilled! God! Now, he knows!) and Aja looked super stunning in her dress! It made her looked super glowy, looked super thin, and the color of the dress just popped her eye color! Wahhh! Hahaha, I had all my LOVE on her that night.. Awesome! :))

Okay, enough said.. Let's look at all the pics.. These are pictures taken using my camera.. Still waiting for the official photographer's pics.. Of everyone, and i mean it, EVERYONEEEEE.. (sebab ramai! :P) Okie dokie.. Ralat tak ambil pic with my mom.. She seated at the VVIPs.. Oh, That's why.. :P

Adik? Ready!

Bruce Lee? Ready!

Mummy? Ready!

Daddy? :( Gambar daddy tak dapat upload now.. Later will try again..

Thanks sis baru, Suhaila for the pics.. :P

Come write something in the guests book, first.. Come, i said come! :P kekeke.. Garang kan?? :P

Taklah, i was all lemah gemalai.. Yes, lembut gitu.. :P kuang3..

With Shasha and Hessa.. :)

Brothers and nephews.. :)

Daddy and son sedondon.. :)

Minimal decor.. :)

Aidan wouldn't mind looking at the screen like that, only if you decided to seat with him.. :P Nak berkawan.. :)

During short story telling time.. I shall share the story here later.. :)

Kak Chik and Farhati.. :)

During Ya Hanana.. Mamat really surprised me! Like REALLY! Wait for the vids gak.. :P

Sweet nieces.. :)

With Ara.. See my senget tudung?? Sporting enough to not even care.. I just love my family.. :))

Mother of the groom.. and my sister for sure.. :) Love! Congrats again! :))
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