Saturday, October 20, 2012


Aunty Evie's Dumbo Baby Shower..

Dear Evie,
I am so sorry that i couldn't make it to your baby shower, but from the pics, i could tell that it was a superb party, with oh so nice decorations.. :)) I saw some familiar faces too, oh how i wish i could be there with all of you to celebrate your good news.. :)) InsyaAllah, you'll be expecting a boy! Can't wait to see you, little A! :))
Congrats again to you darling Evie, Azrie and miss Zara, well well well, you'll be getting a baby brother soon.. So happy for you, Zara! :) Later, aunty will visit mummy kay?? See ya! And sorry that i couldn't allow you to visit me, hehehe, as i was actually being quarantine there, due to diarrhea and endless vomiting.. Huhu..
Pictures time.. :)) Happy for you!! :)

 Dumbo Diaper Cake.. Cute! :)

 The lovely spread.. :)

 It's a BOY!! :))) Can't wait! :)

 Ema, Evie, and Shikin.. Miss you girls.. :))

Glowy mummy.. Excited for sure.. You looked so pretty Evie.. :))
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