Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pity Miss Hessa..

I had a terrible time to sleep last night, and rasa serba tak kena.. Woke up this morning, log in to my FB, and saw a pic of Mr Dan Dan @ DEMC at 3.00 in the morning, and i went 'What??? They were here? But why?' and quickly got to know that Hessa too suffered from endless vomiting and diarrhea last night.. Oh poor baby girl.. :(

I quickly informed my doctor, and he advised for my hubby to bring Hessa in, immediately.. I was so worried as i couldn't see her right infront of my eyes, and so many questions popped into my head, and that memory of her when she was admitted back then, and i should say, for the same exact cause.. Oh my, i simply don't like it.. They came that morning and got to see the GP, and now Hessa is back under Dr Koshy's care..

So yeah, mummy and daughter just had to move to a bigger room now.. *Sigh.. I feel so sorry for her.. :( She was quite active just now, Alhamdulillah, that my in- law too said that it's good if Hessa still active, and i guess we shouldn't worry that much.. But, after Dr Koshy came to visit her again today, she looked unhappy, tired, and restless.. The nurses, together with daddy went to a different room to give Hessa her shots and whatever necessary.. At this point, i was with my 'Menthol-Magic- Teko-Spa-Style' given by the doctor to help and improve my blood circulation, and to reduce phlegm.. I did it religiously, as i really really want this-few-weeks-already-cough to go away! Huhu..

Hubby came in and told me that Hessa was such a strong girl.. She didn't even cry when the nurse gave her shots, and when i looked at my baby girl, her eyes and her nose were red, and tears came down her cheek.. Cebik.. :( Now she is sleeping.. and i am sure that tonight is gonna be a long night for me.. I am glad that i got to recover fast, so that i too can look after my baby.. Hope that her diarrhea and vomiting will end soon, and i simply can't wait to have my happy baby back in my arms.. Hubby would go home tonite, as he needs to get enough rest and get as much energy as possible for tomorrow.. Mind you, i am still having my treatment too.. And Hessa sometimes find our room a little bit boring and choose to jalan2 instead.. :P Daddy really really need to be prepared! :P
Looking forward to go out from this hospital, jumping all our way to the car.. Oh please Ya Allah, selamatkanlah kami, permudahkan lah urusan kami, jauhkanlah kami dari sebarang malapetaka, sayangilah kami, berkatilah kami, berkatilah Hessa dan Aidan, sesungguhnya mereka adalah anak2ku yang baik.. :( Aidan came together just now, but i think he felt either he was at the playschool, or Aman Ville kot.. hehehe.. He played at the play area and sometimes wanted to get into the doctor's office as he was attracted with some of the decorations he saw in the doctor's room.. Hehehe.. Well, it's the kids ward.. What do you expect.. As i didn't want to create a scene at the hospital whatsoever, and that Aidan too like really ENJOY HIS TIME, HIS WAY, i had to ask for my sister's help to come and pick my very happy little boy up.. Thank you Kak Nab! *Fuuuhhh.. Sorry darling, we are not on holiday, ok.. Please be a good boy at Makngah's tonite, okay?? And pray for our adik, so that she will recover fast, and we can go home immediately.. Okay Aidan?? :)
Ready to go for her Physiotherapy session.. Take care, Hessa..
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