Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Natasha Hudson is my number one Malaysian Celebrity Hijabista.. :)) Love her style! :)

Loving turban hijab style..

I love turban hijab.. Suka tgk those who manage to pull it off, and look stunning as ever.. :))

My inspiration, is none other than Natasha Hudson.. :P Hehehe.. Yes, not her biggest fan before, but lepas she decided to berhijab, and got to meet her in person with her turban hijab on, i was like, "oh my.. she is one beautiful lady!".. yes she is! And few mag covers on her looking oh so fab!..

Currently been trying to try this style.. Hahahaha.. And managed to wear it once in a while, siap religiously belajar from the best teacher, YOUTUBE! Hahaha.. Habis semua scarves and shawls i guna untuk my lilit2 process.. I love simple ones (lilit) and not looking so Yuna! Yes, Yuna wears like 2-3 scarves or shawls at the same time.. Looking good but have no idea how she did it.. Hehehe.. (Remember hubby told me not to wear one of Hana Tajima's hijab style, as he claimed that they style was inspired by Star Wars, the movie.. Hahahaha.. :P If you know what i mean and which one it is.. Hahahaha) -__-

I have few other hijab style that i love too.. And most of them i got it from YOUTUBE, name it from the Arabic celebrities (celebrities???!!! hahahaha, yes, i wanna wear like one.. :P) to simply Indonesian hijabistas.. :)) Simple, yet stunning.. Let's try.. :)

To my dear sis, my forever "how she wears this and that/chat time", Fair Mofadz, this entry is for you.. :P I shall upload the videos here later, in the next entry.. Stay tuned! Mmmmuax! :))

Yes, an inner to cover the neck, since in this style, she wears jacket and that the top also is kinda loose.. Kalau baju a little bit tight, better stylekan hijab yang covers dada.. :)

Stunning lady.. One beautiful Malaysian Celebrity Hijabista.. She is my number ONE!

During photoshoot ofcoz.. I just love how she able to pull this style off, not that i wanna wear like one.. :P

My first few days in my hijab, i wore the inner with this black flowery scarve, and it's not turban style, but i love this style too.. Simple and plain easy.. :)

Oh my baby Aidan.. He was just few months old during this outing.. Now he is BIG 3!! :)) How time flies..

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