Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My headband collections.. :)

Accessorizing hijab..

There are  many ways to accessorize your hijab.. Some like it minimal (me :P) and some like it over the top.. :) It is up to you as an individual on how you wanna look in your hijab.. I like it to be just plain sweet, and comfortable at the same time..
Came across pictures of friends who love to accesorize their hijab with big brooch, flower pins, and many others.. Yes, back to your own creativity on how to make it nice..
As for me, i love to wear the net inner on colored (fabric) inner, or simply my collections of headbands.. Since they are made of fabric, you can do wonders with them.. :)) Loving them..
These are my collections of headbands! :D
p/s: I was known as the girl with headband in my primary school.. :P My mak bought me 2 headbands to wear to school.. I had them in maroon and black color.. I loved my maroon headband, but when the school came up with new rules, to let the students wore only black or white ribbons or headbands, i just wore black one.. Yes, i was so girlie2 back then.. Hehehe.. Best juga bila ada girl now, as i can share some of my headbands with her.. Hehehe.. Sometimes mummy pun pinjam Hessa's stuff.. :P

Nice.. :)

I call this one 'Lady Gaga'.. :P

 Love my collections.. :)
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